Saturday, May 3, 2008

Transition Home Donations

Well, today was a doozey with a capital D.  We went shopping for the Transition Home with the donation money given at the baby shower.  It was so much fun!!  Thanks to everyone who gave ($810)!  Here is what the children are blessed with because of you:

  • around 30 cans of formula
  • around 7 packs of diapers
  • 2 boxes of cereal
  • 4 baby walkers
  • several soft balls
  • regular soccer ball
  • basketball goal with ball

So the babies and the big kids have been very blessed!  Now on to the doozey...

We didn't want to take Silas back to the TH because it would be just too hard and emotional.  We got so much big stuff that we had to make two trips.  The driver parked outside the gate and Silas and I stayed in the car while Marshall and the driver unloaded the goods.  Alles klar (all is good).

Trip number 2...not so good.  Two nannies spotted me and Silas in the car.  They were so excited to see him again.  I shouldn't have, but I let one of them hold him.  Next thing I know, two more nannies are coming up the road (one of them his special nanny) and the big kids are coming out.  I have another child in my arms (the most precious little 2 year old ever...Mom and Dad know who you are).  The head nurse was on the phone for me and I went to the office to tell her about the special delivery.  Marshall was putting together the basketball goal and playing with the big kids...they are awesome kids (Big kid parents, imagine your children shooting hoops!).  I'm coming around the house and I hear my boy crying...I know that cry and he doesn't it use it much.  There was no calming him down.  I mean no. calming. him. down.  He was hysterical and overwhelmed.  Exactly why I knew we couldn't take him back in. 

In one way, it was good because it confirmed our attachment.  He just wanted US.  On the other hand, it was heartbreaking for the nanny who either a) thought he didn't want her or b) thought he didn't like his parents.  He didn't calm down in the car until we pulled over to change a messy diaper.  I think he was just exhausted and overwhelmed.  I'm happy to report after a bottle, bath and time in the sling with Mommy (that's me!) he's back to himself. 

I felt like such a failure (I realize I'm not) as a Mother after that fiasco.  I could beat myself up or just learn from it.  Note to future families...don't go back to the TH after you leave.  It's just too hard on everyone.   Lesson learned.  Duely noted.

The very best thing I brought on this trip is the sling.  It's such a good way to bond with your baby or toddler since you can use it to carry on your hip.  Silas loves it and usually falls right to sleep when I put him in it.  I wore the Bjorn this morning and liked it too...I suggest both.  Marshall has used the Bjorn for morning walks around the pool with Silas.

We are not coming home early.  Can't remember if I blogged that or not.  We are ready to come home and be in our own digs (and home all starts to taste the same), but we are having a wonderful time.  We are getting to know Silas more every day and love him SO much.

Thanks for all of the encouraging emails and especially your prayers!

Love from ET,
jill, marshall & silas


K.P. said...

So good to hear your boy knows his Mama and Papa! God is good!


Lori said...

We are happy to hear that your trip is good. Glad to know that bonding is going well. We pray for safe travels.
Lori Laughner

shawn and tisha said...

Sounds like you were able to get some really good donations for the TH! I'm sorry you had to experience that ordeal with taking Silas back to the TH. I will definitely try to take your advice...after we leave no going back. :)

Carpenters said...

Ugh, what a tough situation! It sounds like you handled it so well, Jill. You are doing a great job and what a wonderful confirmation that Silas wants his mommy (that's most definitely you). It is so wonderful that you were able to get so many donations for the home. You rock!

With Love,

Team Dragovich said...

You and Marshall got some great stuff!! I'm sending you hugs from NC-- Congrats on having your first "mommy moment" with Silas... every time I have a dramatic experience like that with my boys (when they were babes up until now), God has used it to draw me deeper into relationship with Him AND my sweet children as well... You are a WONDERFUL mommy :D