Thursday, May 1, 2008

KidsCare & Poop EXPLOSION

Well, it happened.  The rite of passage that all Mom's go through...the poop explosion.  We both survived, but it was nasty...

First I want to tell you about the rest of our day.  We went to KidsCare orphanage this morning.  This is where Silas spent his first couple of months.  He was in the 'isolation room', where all of the tiniest babies go.  I saw the bed he ended up in once he got bigger.  All of the nannies remembered Mezmur.  He's a popular boy.

It was powerful to be there again.  Aster, the director is an angel on earth.  Those children are in good hands and so loved.  We toured around, played with the big kids, had a coffee ceremony and asked for more information our our kids.  Aster was able to tell me that the head nurse named Mezmur.  Sadly, she is on vacation, so I couldn't meet her.  I did hug the woman who matches the children with each family....another angel from heaven.

After KidsCare, which was a deep experience, we headed to lunch.  Silas is soooo good and laid back.  I put him in the sling (which I prayed he would love and he does!  Puts him right to sleep, usually.) and we ordered.  He got a little fussy so I took him out.  I put my hand on his shoe and it was wet.  So, I did what any mommy would do and I smelled the wetness now on my hand.  It was poop.  One of the Dads helped me remove the sling and he proceeded to clean the poop out of it....what  a guy!  I took my messy boy to the bus and cleaned him up.  Who's great idea was it to have ziplocks in the diaper bag?  Well, thank you very much!  I needed for clothes and one for diaper and a million poopy wipes.  Silas smiled the whole time and we went back to lunch.

I spent the rest of the day with poop on my pants....a true badge of honor, I tell ya!

Poor Marshall is not feeling well...he stayed in today.  He's taking some medicine and hopefully will be better very soon.  Please pray for him and the rest of our group.

I left him and Silas upstairs...Silas napping and Marsh resting, so I better go rest myself. 

Tomorrow is German Embassy and hopefully that visa will be ready Monday.

Love to you all! 

jill, marshall & silas


shawn and tisha said...

It sounds like you handled the "poop explosion" very well. Good Job! :)

Praying for you guys...

Sheryll said...

You had your first baptizism by poop!! Love it! What memories! May God continue to bless you!

the Steiger's said...

We will be praying for Marshall and you. I hope he will feel better soon.
By the way I never leave house without extra ziplocks. It comes handy all the time.

Jori said...

Congrats on the "first" blow-out! :) What a joy! Praying for good travel and for Marshall to feel better.
Blessings, Jori

Kiki:) said...

Jill & Marshall,
We are praying for you today!!! WE pray that Marshall feels better asap! We love your amazing details today...thank you for allowing us to follow your journey!
We are in love with Silas!!

Lew and Brandi Johnson said...

Oh Jill, i am so weepy over all this for you! i'm just so excited about your poop episode because that means you had to be holding him to have the poop on you! and finally you are holding him! oh Jill, God's blessing on you and Marshall is in such abundance! and don't worry about Marshall, African food tends to want to be memorable in a bathroom sort of way. all roads lead to YOU FINALLY HAVE SILAS!!!!

jammie said...

Sooooo i have to admit i just learned something new from a brand new mommy-keep ziplocks in the diaper bag-thankx mami jill!!! i am always all lost when this yucky poop explosions happen...but good job, how nice of silas hu to leave some poop on your pants! true mommies of babies smell like milk and poopy diapers all the time hahaha just kidding! i cant wait to see u jill and wonderful little silas. tell marshall i hope he will feel better soon...

MarksMomma said...

jill and marshall - congrats on being united with your little son silas! we are so happy for you! poop explosions are icky... but the smiles, and later hugs and kisses make up for them! we're praying that you have a smoothe trip home! love, ben, katie and mark bradley