Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All Packed Up

I'm a little exhausted from the packers being here for two days....not from them being here, but the preparation before they show up. Those are the guys in the picture above. One of them, I won't point out which one, sang and danced with Silas' exercauser music. :) It went well and we're sitting on those folding chairs that you take to soccer games....government furniture comes tomorrow. I'm not complaining though; the cup holders in the arm rests are very convenient.

We had a rough night last night...Silas didn't nap much during the day because of all of the action at the house and we ran lots of errands in the morning. Seemed like every time he fell asleep in the car it was time to get out... So, he was up about every 2 hours last night...aye! The three of us (around 4 am) on an air mattress does not make for good rest. Today we bought him a little co-sleeper that he's sleeping in right now. Anything must be more comfy than that Pack 'n Play....he's used to lots of padding and blankets at the TH and that 1/2 inch of a "mattress" just doesn't cut it. I'll let you know...
I don't have much strength for words (I'm so dramatic) so I'll inundate you with pictures. I need to take Silas by the clinic to have him weighed...his thighs have doubled in size this'll see.... We celebrated our friend Kara's birthday tonight..there is a picture of her below with Silas and then Silas with our friend Frank...he was practicing for his impending fatherhood.

I keep finding more words...Silas has eaten sweet potatoes twice this week and is not really a fan. I'm going to keep it up though...he "eats" them while his face tells me he's really not enjoying them but presses on for Mommy. He is a good sport!
One month ago today, we met Silas for the first time. Finally held him in our arms. Where did the month go?! What was life like without Silas? I almost can't remember.
Here are the pictures I promised a couple of paragraphs ago:

We will leave here on 30 June...headed to North Carolina. Before arriving @ Fort Bragg, we'll head to Texas to spend time with our family that we miss dearly. On the way back across the country, we'll stop in Georgia for a family reunion on Marshall's side. Life at Bragg will begin at the end of July...Casa de Coen open for business as soon as we have one. ;)

Sleep Report: Silas went to sleep at 2100, bottle at 2330 (Mommy went to bed after this one), 0330, 0700 and up for the day at 0815. We'll take it...thank you, Lord for the co-sleeper and the sleep!


Jori said...

So cute! I am happy to hear your month went fast ... that must mean my months of waiting will move fast too!! :):)
Blessings, Jori

Rob & Candy said...

I cannot believe you are coming to the USA SOON. I cannot wait to meet you all.

Anonymous said...

Look at those thighs...LOL! Sakari still has hers, it's the best! LOL! When do you guys get back to the States??

Dawn said...

Hi's Ward and Dawn. We have been keeping up with y'alls journey for Silas, but lost track for the last month, due to a PCS to Georgia. We are so excited for you and the life of parenthood that is before you. I noticed you mentioned the month has flown by. Well, it keeps on flyin' we are trying to figure out where the last 7 yrs have gone with our oldest.

CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of Silas. What wonderful parents God has sent him.

So where are y'all headed...I think I missed that somewhere.

Looking forward to keep in with y'all.

K.P. said...


Looks like chubby thighs are also in the Ethiopian DNA! Hee Hee! I can't believe how much he is growing and changing. So big compared to the little peanut you picked up just a month ago. pack up everything you have and then get to enjoy a month without your stuff?? What? How's that work?

Can't wait till you are stateside and we can get to planning our get together!

Love ya!

Apryl said...

I think we have you beat in the thigh department! I honestly canNOT believe it's been a month. Seems like they've always been ours :)

Josiah has been in the pack and play, but I had to include extra bedding so he could "manage" to sleep in it for a few hours at night.

sure you can't swing through the midwest on your trip from Texas to NC?
love, apryl

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill.

Silas is beautiful! I cannot believe you have been home with him for a month already either. Wow, time flies!!!

I am SO happpy for you, Marshall, and Silas! It's full circle!!!

Hang in there with the move. :)

Christina Goeckel

Team Dragovich said...

He looks more like a Coen every day :D!! Not the thighs, though! Just him :)!!!

We are a no-go for Germany this summer. I am bummed... I miss my friend and I would have loved to see you guys. But, soon you'll be HERE!! I have NO idea what housing on post is like. I bet it is nice. With gas prices soaring, on-post would be great right about now!! Except, I love my house and I know that God put us here, so maybe I'll have to sell my van and just stay home-- that would be GREAT! (I'm not kidding) :D

Talk to ya soon,