Sunday, May 25, 2008

happy half birthday!

My boy is growing up! I can tell he's even bigger this week. I wonder if he gained another pound? Today is Silas' 6 month birthday. He is such a happy boy. Here are some facts about Silas:
  • He loves Mommy's singing voice (bless him)...the rest of the world does not love Mommy's singing voice. It will be a long cross country trip for Marshall and Sophie.

  • He likes to look deep into a person's eyes

  • His smile could melt any heart. If you're having a bad day, just let Silas smile at you.

  • He loves to "talk". We call his pacifier his "cork" because once it comes out he fills the room with squeals and sounds.

  • He likes to ride in the sling and rest his arm on the side like you would in a car...he's cool.

  • He is a fan of oatmeal. And the oatmeal mask.

  • He likes to help Mommy feed him.

  • He's a snacker....likes to eat a little, often instead of a lot, every once in a while.

  • He loves to be read to.

  • His laid back personality is so fun!

  • He could win any drooling contest, any time, anywhere, hands down.
The above picture is about as much interest as Sophie has shown. Same goes for Silas....they are indifferent toward one another. As long as they are respectful, I guess that's good enough for now.

Happy Half, Silas!


K.P. said...

That is one super-cute 6 month old you have there! Hope the week goes well. I look forward to hearing you are on US soil! WHOO HOO! Free long-distance! :)
(Just in time for you to help me pack!!)

Love ya!

Susan & Randy said...

Happy 6th months Silas!! He is such a cute baby. Bella and Artem are about the same as Silas and Sophie, they tolerate one another.

Please let me know if/when you'll be visiting TX. The other day I saw your sister driving by the house and Artem and I were on our walk. Artem was waving to Katy and she pulled over to say hi real quick. As she drove off Matt Widacki pulled up (he lives a few houses down and his wife Allison is one my best friends). I asked Matt if he knew Katy but he said he knew her sister Jill. I told him about Silas and your upcoming move back to the states and he told me to say hey to you and tell you congratulations on Silas.

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday, Silas! I enjoyed learning some fun facts about you! I can see what Mom means about that killer smile of yours!


E said...

OH, how cute! If we'd lived near one another, we'd have to have a drooling contest. I've never seen a baby drool like our youngest son does! I didn't see any drooly adult Ethiopians when I was there, so I have faith they'll outgrow it! :) Though, I've definitely had a few concerned "moments" because the drool is pretty epic.

It's so great that Silas loves being read to. That's one of the benefits of him coming home so young, I think. We've struggled to get Abel into reading. He's just not used to it. I really didn't know that it was such a taught thing. Eben's always been an avid book lover. But, we're all bookworms and I know Abel will catch the bug eventually. Once he gets a better grasp on English, I know that will help, too! He's sitting better for books now, but it's clear that he still doesn't "get it" completely.

Indifferent is good on the dog front. Our dogs are pretty indifferent toward kids and that's always been a very good thing. I've found overly interested dogs tend to lead to problems. I'm sure they'll be great friends once Silas is more interactive. Eben has always loved our dogs, but they were pretty stoic with him for about the first 3 years. Now, each year they seem to interact more...but it's fairly slow going. They're big dogs, so Eben has had to do a lot of growing to be big enough for them to be interested in him. Maybe at Sophie's size things will click earlier. :)

Wow! Sorry for this long rambler! It's wonderful to read the Silas update. I can't tell you're loving being a mama. I'm sure it will be wonderful to introduce him to the family in the US. We still haven't got a chance to do that with most of our family here...and we're only a state away! But, the bonding time has been priceless!


shawn and tisha said...

Happy 6 month birthday, Silas!! :)

Jori said...

Oh Jill~ He is just adorable! Thank you so much for sharing! Seems kind of sureal in the fact that you were just asking travel questions not so long ago!! Congrats on the "loves mommies singing voice"! I hope your trip goes smooth.
A non-interested dog is great for now!
Blessings, Jori

Team Dragovich said...

Do you have our number? When are you planning to be in town? Our home is open to you while you look for a home, of course!! Looking forward to having you here :D


Apryl said...

The other day I was wondering how Sophie and Silas were getting along :) Indifferent sounds good for now! Excited to hear about your move, praying that all goes well! I feel SO out of the loop lately--sorry your long email was lost!

Katie Redfern said...

He's so precious! Happy birthday, Silas!! :)

Carpenters said...

What a cutie! He is growing so quickly. Alexandra had her "cork" too. She's now talking up a storm. It sounds like Silas will soon too. Happy Half Birthday, Silas!

With Love,