Wednesday, January 27, 2010

seems that i'm behind in posting

Well, well, well. It has been a while and I'm sorry about that. Life has been a little busy. I'm 38 weeks and 2 days el preggo and the end is in sight. Jude William will be here soon. This has been a beautiful pregnancy and I'm so thankful for that. Even with the Gestational Diabetes and swollen feet, I have continued to feel wonderful.

In the mean time, our eldest son is growing up before my eyes. Looking through pictures from Christmas until now (to catch up on posting) has pointed that out to me. This is a fun age! I've really loved every age, but these 2 year olds never stop moving or talking or doing or testing. :) It's amazing to watch him take in the world and figure out how it all works. I hope his transition into big brotherhood is smoothe. He tells me he'll cook for us while I recover. ;)

I've been doing lots of laundry in preparation for Jude's arrival and I had forgotten how little those itty bitty clothes are. And the diapers. Newborn diapers are tiny. They're really tiny when held up next to big brother's size 4 diaper. Oh my.

Silas went to the hospital pharmacy with me last week. He was thrilled over the helicopter out front.

Life at our house will be different soon, but I know it will be wonderful. Baby Jude, we're ready when you are!

Lord, thank You for boys! Big boys and itty bitty boys. I am blessed and it's all from You.

New, catch-up Christmas post below...