Saturday, May 17, 2008

mr. squishy cheeks

Check out my friend Kathleen's blog. Silas is a star!

He loves him some rice cereal too. Last night was better. Hopefully his tummy is more satisfied and he'll sleep longer. I also swaddled him, and I think that makes him feel more secure too. Oh, and since this blog is meant to be a record of our lives, Silas weighs (@ 5 1/2 months) a little over 13 lbs and is 25" long.
Silas had his first social invite today...Patrick's 1st birthday party!! It was fun. We even took a nap this afternoon...all of us...
We went for a visit at our buddy Ian's house and then to dinner....the Greek, of course...
Wonderful Weekend. The End.

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K.P. said...

Hey! Fun day. Love the naps! I miss that! Wonder if my butterball is a snuggler??

Hope you liked the blog post on mine. Chris chuckled at my little convo with Silas. :) Can't wait to talk to him for real!