Thursday, May 15, 2008


I wrote in an earlier post about the similarities between me and my boy. This is my passport photo from when we lived in Germany (I was about 2 here). The photo of Silas is from his US visa.

Tell me...does this boy look like his momma, or what?!


Susan said...

That is hilarious! Silas does look a lot like his mama! Your nose and eyes and mouth are so similar! Too cute!

Thanks for sharing! Susan

ethiHOPEia said...

Wow! that is pretty amazing! I enjoyed reading your blog while you were in ET. So glad you're home now!

K.P. said...

That is too funny! I knew he looked like you guys, but this is just proof! I bet you and Marshall have some similar baby pics huh?? :) Chris and I do. I guess it's true that we are attracted to people that look like us.

Silas looks like his beautiful mommy! :)

Love it!

The Haakenson Family said...

Wow.., you are both just so adorable. It is awesome to see you so excited to be a mom..Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Julie Haakenson

Rob & Bri said...

I found a 1st grade pic of my mom and put it on the fridge. People think the one of her is me and not the actualy one of me (even though mine looks all 80's and hers is black & white). Anyhoo.. it starts with the nose but there are other features similiar between you two. Have you done the look-a-like-o-meter for you 3 yet? It alsways changes depending on which photo you use- but it is still fun. (Rob looked more like his step mom then his birth mom or dad apparently.)

Heather and Stephen said...

wow, I see it! and how cute are YOU?! :)

btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE those "strip pics" of him. I have Stephen look at them every time I pull up the blog. aaawww, did you see these? Look at him!! :)

AND, compare how he looks in Tummy time and Tough as Nails (my personal fave) to the photos you got of him in the orphanage. He was precious, sweet, cute, etc in the ones from the o, but you can SEE the smile in his eyes and the happiness and contentedness and security in them now that he is HOME. :)

Carpenters said...

It's uncanny! You both look very cute. You both even have the same hair swoop.

With Love,

shawn and tisha said...

Yeah, his nose and mouth look just like yours! Neat! :)

E said...

Wow! That's remarkable! The nose is the clincher! Lips, too. :)

How fun!


Team Dragovich said...

You are right-- it is like he was cut from the same cloth!!!

Very God...