Sunday, December 27, 2009

happy birthday, Jesus!

While looking through Christmas pictures for this post, I realized I did a totally inadequate job taking pictures this year!
Christmas Eve at Gaga and PawPaw's house.
The littlest cousins on my side of the family.

Christmas morning at our house. Aunt Khaki came over to celebrate with us.

Welcome to the family, Bubba! Silas hasn't slept without him since he arrived.

We made a birthday cake for Jesus and after we sang, we had it for breakfast.

Christmas afternoon at the Coen's.

The cousins on the Coen side (except for the newest baby Kendall...we missed them!).

Ummm. That's it. It was a wonderful Christmas though we missed Daddy. Next year we'll have Daddy and Jude! Woo hooooo!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

what a difference a year makes

This is Silas one year ago. A plump baby that wasn't even walking on his own yet...
And now he looks more like a little boy. This is him today, sitting on the couch watching Yo Gabba Gabba and occassionally running over to get a bite of his peanut butter sandwich...

What a difference a year makes!
Oh and get this...I realized something really special last night. I was reading some blogs and someone was celebrating their "referralversary". Got me thinking about our referral and how that anniversary of 2 years is coming up.
We received Silas' referral on Feb 7, 2008.
My due date for Jude is Feb 7, 2010.
God is in the details and it just makes me smile.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

growing belly

My little Jude, dancing in my belly as I type, reminded me to post these pictures. I'm feeling really good. Honestly by this time I thought I'd be waddling and uncomfortable. Instead I feel wonderful. I think because I can't really sit still with Silas, I haven't had a chance to feel uncomfy. Darn those occasional leg cramps in the middle of the night (like bad charlie horses).

I don't think I really look 8 months preggo, but my mom says she was smaller than me, so I guess I'm "normal". Stop laughing. Had a doc appointment last week and all looks good and is measuring on target.

29 weeks 1 day (because I'm sure the one day makes a big difference).

31 weeks

A couple of weeks ago I tested positive for Gestational Diabetes. Oh joy. Actually my doc visit confirmed that all is going well with that. I'm controlling it with diet and keeping track of glucose levels by sticking my finger 4 times per day. Sweet Jude, you're worth it. Because of the GD, I had to go see a "high risk OB/GYN". Since he gave me a good report, he said I could continue seeing my Nurse Midwife which makes me really happy.

Working on the nursery now and feeling the nesting coming on. Going to childbirth classes and after those videos, I'll never be the same. Actually after the miracle of this birth, I know I'll never be the same.

I turned 32 weeks on Sunday (yesterday), but I haven't taken a picture yet. I'll add it when I do.

Hope you're in the Christmas spirit and getting ready for the ultimate birth...Jesus!