Sunday, May 4, 2008

drooling & babbling

So we had a wonderful day.  We relaxed and rested and just enjoyed each other.  Silas came to us with a big pacifier in his mouth, as I'm sure you remember from most of his pictures.  He was really the only baby at the TH that had one.  Miss Gibson is trying to be a pacifier girl.  I had to put it back in her mouth several times. :)

Today we decided to see what would happen if we didn't offer it to him, but let him ask for it.  He went a long time without it.  He does like to sleep with it...I don't mind if he wants it all the time, we just wanted to see him without it. 

The result?  Well, a lot of drooling and babbling and shrieking....too cute.  He has a sweet little personality.  He had a ball on his quilt playing with toys and I read him a board book called Jesus Loves the Little Children twice and he was totally into it.  His eyes didn't leave the book at all.

We went outside and walked around the pool with him front facing in the Bjorn with Marshall.  He had a some great pictures.  The funniest part is that we discovered the pacifier has been keeping the drool at bay, but by the end of our time in the Bjorn, it was COVERED and SOAKED in drool.  Good thing we didn't borrow it. :)

He's just a beautiful boy with a sweet personality.  We're enjoying each new part we get to know each new day.

He loves to scream (in a good way) and "talk", so I'm wondering if he got the binky to help him be quieter?  What a little blessing, drool and all!

Happy Sunday from ET!

jill, marshall & silas

ps: I discovered another blogging family tonight at dinner.  They were walking out and I heard the hubby say, "Please don't blog that!" ;)  I think Marshall has said the same thing to me a time or two...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill - it is incredible to read your posts and know that you are a family now. Hanging out together and getting to know each other fully. We are very happy for you 3 and know Ms/Sister Sophie will be beside herself when you all return. Keep the drooling, poopy and chatter posts coming until we get those pics of yours : ) . We are off to US this week - but will keep holding you all in prayer. much love, sabrina

Lew and Brandi Johnson said...

Yeah for taking the passy out! they serve a purpose but you're right you miss alot of those oh so adorable babbles when they have them in. when elisabeth was drooling alot i would put a receiving blanket right in the front of the sling when she was out facing. it catches the drool and you can switch them out. i bet you have already thought of that now. so glad you are having a blast with your son! waving from Uganda!

Stephanie said...

Hi Jill, Marshall & Silas,
Just had a minute to catch up on the last few days' worth of blogs. It sounds like you are settling in just fine as a family! I had to laugh about the poop explosion! There will be many more to come!!! LOL I can't wait to see pictures! I know you guys are ready to introduce Silas to HOME! Thanks for all the updates!
Love ya!
Steph, Adam & kids

Team Dragovich said...

Your almost done in ET!! I bet you can't wait to come home :) My youngest son was the WORST drooler!! I could NEVER keep that kid dry! And at four years old... he still is! Ha, ha!

Kiki:) said...

Jill baby,
We are going GAGA reading about Zoie girl on your post today:)
THANK YOU!!!!!!! I love a paci baby!!!
We are literally drooling for news....we did get a photo from Apryl, but hoping it was just the appetizer for more to come! hee heee
We continue to pray for your family and journey home to Germany!!
We love you,
Roger & Kari

Danielle said...

Oh you guys! I am so happy for you!!! Thank you for your heart and for everything you've been sharing! I can't wait to see tons of pictures!