Tuesday, August 24, 2010

first day of school

How did this day come about so quickly? There we were this morning with our backpack, lunch box and nap mat.
And Daddy and Jude. How wonderful to have our whole family together for this momenteous occassion!!
I didn't cry. It was too exciting. I may cry later...

This is how we found him....
He had a great first day and Momma's heart is full!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

welcome home, daddy!!!

Two weeks ago I boarded a plane with my two littles and we flew to North Carolina. I wouldn't get on a plane with two littles for just any reason. You see, my man was coming home. But can I just tell you that these little boys are the best plane travelers ever! Seriously. I would fly with them any time.

What a year. How can one year be so sweet and joyous and so long and lonely at the same time? I'm not gonna lie; it wasn't easy and I'm glad it's over. It could have been so much worse and I'm thankful for how God grew me through it.

We spent several days at Bragg with friends. I wanted to be there early in case the redeployement got moved closer. We had fun with our friends. For a minute I wondered if we'd made the wrong decision in moving back home. And then I remembered my family and how this year would have been horrible without them. Silas got to know his family and I'm glad we had this opportunity for that. It's been lovely to watch him love his family. And on more than one evening when I thought I couldn't do it another day, my sister would show up "just because". Thankful.

We had several days with Marshall and enjoyed every minute. Families are meant to be together, you know? Now we're back home and awaiting block leave so we can be a family for a little longer period of time.

Praising God for the deployement that Marshall's unit had. I was recently reminded of how devastating it can be and currently is for a lot of Soldiers. War is hell and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm ready for this one to be over. That's probably not the popular Army wife thing to say, but I'm just being real. I'm used to not having popular opinions. ;)

Now for the pictures....
What do you get when you mix a 2.5 year old with a hot airplane hanger, loud PA system and the Army band practicing? See above picture.

Things turned around when we went outside and saw planes, lots of planes. And then...Daddy's plane!!

Bless you Jude, for falling asleep. Notice Silas' fingers in his mouth? Top two 2 year molars screaming their way through his gums...

Remeber, Jude was 5ish weeks old the last time Marshall saw him.

My vanity prevents me from posting the family shot. Anyone who's been to the Green Ramp in July understands how I went from put together to a sweaty, deflated mess while waiting on my Soldier. Here's one from another day:
Look at Jude. He's thinking, "What a bunch of freaks!"

Picked up right where they left off...

Love my boys.
Welcome home, Chaplain. We missed you a whole heck of a lot!!!