Friday, May 16, 2008

rice cereal = sleep???

I think Silas is growing....the sleep situation had digressed. Last night he had his first taste of rice cereal from a bowl. It didn't improve our night, but let's give it some time, people! He drank a regular bottle around 0700 this morning and after a bowl of cereal and part of a bottle at 0900 he was out. He's sleeping now, so we'll see. Here's a look at the first cereal experience. I was impressed with how he did....this morning's feeding was even better. It's fun to get messy! The picture doesn't really do justice to the experience.
I was telling Marshall the other day that Silas is definitely different. He smiles with his eyes now. He's always been a "happy" baby, but now he has joy in his eyes.
Silas went to PWOC yesterday. It was our Installation ceremony where I passed the crown, so to speak, to the new president. He was great in the sling! Love the sling. I think it's played a big part in bonding and comfort for him. It was precious to be able to introduce him to lots of the ladies who have been praying for him to come home. Just precious.
That's all for now...I need to go look through my "how to make baby food" books while the boy is sleeping.


E said...

He's little & still transitioning. I'm sure his sleep will only improve as time goes on and he gets used to the schedule. It sounds like he's doing great!

We do give our little guy (who is much older) a "second dinner" which consists of a bowl of rice cereal about an hour before bed. It did make a difference at first, but not a tremendous difference. I think time & trust made the biggest difference. :)


Carpenters said...

What a cutie in that sling! Alexandra slept much better after we began adding rice cereal to her bottle per our pediatrician's recommendation. For us, it was the difference between six hours of solid sleep and her getting up every 1-2 hours. She has been sleeping through the night for about two months now, so there is hope. I also love making baby food. Such fun.

With Love,

K.P. said...

You go Mama! I'm glad you love your sling. I'm hoping mine works out as well. Although...I'm dealing with a line-backer, not a peanut! :) Ha Ha!

I made food for Deacon. Call me if I can help! :)

Also, can I recommend getting on some sort of regular feeding pattern (even if you have to wake him) and the sleep will fall into place. He's still little and used to the TH "schedule".

Email or call if you want to talk more.

love ya!

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Oh! You guys! I missed reading posts for a few days!!! How sweet, adorable, amazing....(add in every other adjective you can think of here!)!!!! I loved the pic of you holding him while passing on the crown! You go girl! And the passport photos....Wow!!! Is he yours or what?! God is so amazing!
We are so glad you guys are adjusting well, having a good time and we are so very happy for you. Thanks for letting us share by reading your blog. You are both wonderful parents!
With love,