Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Randomness

Today our plan is to have a true day of rest!  We have finished up breakfast and Silas is napping and Marshall is up in the room with him.  He's a natural Daddy for sure.   He's tackled poopy diapers and pre-made bottles and middle  of the night feedings like a champ.

We had a good night...tag team is what we call it and it's working beautifully for us.  Silas is getting more vocal each day....I think he's more and more comfortable to let us know how he's really feeling.  He's a joy.

I'm having trouble answering your emails....I've tried several times but it won't let me reply.  Know that I'm reading each one and SO appreciate the prayers and encouragement.  It's a lifeline from here.  We miss all of our buddies...we're the last family here.  We forged a pretty tight bond with our group.  I hope we're life long friends.

I forgot to report that on Friday we went to the ALERT Lepersy Hospital Handicraft Shop.  The patients there make goods to sell and they are very impressive.  I love to shop when there is purpose behind it.

Tomorrow we want to go to the Former Fuelwood Carrier's shop that benefits the women that got their income from carrying huge loads of wood on their's unbelievable what these petite women can carry. 

This morning I dressed Silas in his Ado(RED) outfit (more shopping with purpose).   He looks so cute and I can't believe he is finally wearing that outfit that I bought MANY months ago with just a dream of my son in my heart.  Now he is real and in the flesh and our son in our hearts as well as on paper.

I know this is a very random post, but my little brain is tired.  Doesn't seem like we've been here over a week already.

Love to you all...all the way from ET,
jill, marshall & silas

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