Saturday, May 10, 2008

silas, out and about

Mr. Silas has been out and about! We ran some errands in the car yesterday....he likes his carseat. After dinner, we took a walk around the neighborhood and ran into lots of friends. That was fun.

Everything is going well...we're kind of finding our own routine and bonding and cooing and having a grand time!
Here's what you really want to see:

I LOVE it when he smiles from behind that big ole pacifier. Precious gift from God.


Sherry said...

Jill - Silas could not be any cuter if he tried!!! I LOVE all the pictures you post of him. So glad to hear you are finding your routine!

Sherry Semlow :)

Katie Redfern said...

He's so handsome!! I just love that perfect little grin! I totally agree with Sherry: he could not be any cuter if he tried. :)

Susan said...

Is that a German paci holder? It is too cool! Silas is adorable. I'm so glad you are getting along so well!

Love, Susan

Carpenters said...

He looks so content sitting in his carseat with his pacifier. He just looks like he's enjoying life. I'm glad you're having a grand ol' time with your cutie.

With Love,

kristin said...

So cute!