Monday, May 5, 2008

He found his voice!

It's official....Silas found his voice today.  He LOVES to scream and shriek and laugh and smile that big gummy smile.  I wonder if the people on the airplane will think it's as funny as we do. ;) 

And drool and drool.  I think a bib will be part of each outfit for a while.  He's cracking us up.

Today we went to the Former Fuelwood Carrier's Workshop, but because it's a public holiday today, the shop part was closed.  We will go back tomorrow.  We got to watch the weavers weave and it was amazing.  Then we drove up to Entoto Mountain to get a view of Addis...beautiful and the air is filled with the smell of eucalyptus and cedar.  It was ironic to leave the Former Fuelwood Carrier's shop and then pass current fuelwood carrying women coming down Entoto Mountain.  I don't know how the ladies carry that load...they are small women and those loads are heavy.

Today's holiday here is in celebration of the day that the Ethiopians defeated the Italians.  I think they had 4 different wars with them.  Ethiopia is the only African country never to be colonized....they are very proud of that and they should be. 

Last night was not so peaceful...we were up and down and up and down.  Today he has had bigger bottles and we hope that will help with longer sleep hours.  I think he's almost ready for cereal and solids....we also think he's grown since we got him. 

Tonight is our last night in Ethiopia!  We leave at 10:45 pm tomorrow.  We're ready to be home, but it's been a fabulous trip...we met our son and made new friends and fell even more in love with Ethiopia.

Pray we have good sleep tonight and safe travels tomorrow!

love from ET,
jill, marshall & silas


Ann said...

That is slightly not true. Ethiopia was occupied/colonized between 1936 to 1941. I am British, my dad died liberating the country for Haile Sellasie.

By the way cute kid.


the Steiger's said...

Sounds like you guys are having a good time. You will have a fun trip home. I will be praying for restfull night sleep.

Carpenters said...

I'm sorry that you weren't able to leave sooner, but it sounds like you're having a good time enjoying Ethiopia while you are there.

Silas sounds absolutely adorable. The best plane advice I received was to not worry about the other people on the plane. One mother wisely told me that you will most likely never see these people again. Just enjoy your little one.

Our pediatrician recommended adding baby rice cereal to Alexandra's bottle. She had been only drinking 2-3oz at a time. She began to drink more and more at each feeding after this. It might be worth a try. I'm convinced it helped Alexandra sleep longer through the night. We did the up, down, up, down for the first few weeks and this really helped.

We'll be praying for safe travels home.

With Love,

jammie said...

hey jill, wow tomorrow you get to take this wondeful son of yours home. it is so much fun when they start finding out they have a voice and they realize its actually them making those loud sounds...kendrick is doing the same thing right now and i was very worried about if people will be annoyed on sunday in the airplane...who cares! it makes me/us happy to hear our boys right? i dont know how much silas drinks but kendrick is now 11weeks old and drinks 4-5times a day 7 oz and goes to sleep at 8pm and wakes up at 6;30 am...yup i am pretty spoiled i admit it. but your lil guy is most likely ready for some food hu ;-) i cant wait to meet u in germany, ill be arriving on monday so i hope u will email me so we can let the boys play!

- said...

Jill and Marshall,

love the updates. Even the mundane stuff is interesting to us "waiting mommies" back in the states. Silas sounds absolutley adorable. How wonderful that the transition is going so smoothly. We look forward to getting some pictures of baby Ducommun once you are back in Germany.

Have a great trip home!

Laura Ducommun

shawn and tisha said...

It must be so sweet hearing Silas' voice. I'm glad you've had a good trip. :)