Thursday, October 2, 2008

pray for salomae

You may remember I posted a while back about Salomae Harbaugh. She is having major surgery tomorrow. Here is an exerpt from her mom Apryl's (our travel buddy) blog:

The complicated part is cleaning out the infected bone and abscess. The general surgeon is going to do that (he's got experience cleaning TB out of organs). After that, he'll take a rib and anchor it into healthy vertebrae on the top and bottom. Then he will flip her over and put anchors and rods along the weak area of her back. He said it could take from 2 to 10 hours to get the first part done. He feels very confident about the surgery and about the final results.

Very serious surgery. Please hold this family up in prayer.


Glory to God! Thank you for your prayers today. This is from Salomae's mom on their blog:

On so many levels the surgery went perfectly--even better than perfect. God has answered our prayers today! She still has a long road ahead. She will be ventilator for a few days, and still needs to wake up and wiggle her toes (hopefully sometime in the night otherwise they'll do it in the morning). Please THANK GOD for his care today and continue to pray for her as she recovers!

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