Thursday, October 16, 2008

giggle-fest instead of oktoberfest


the Steiger's said...

Silas is a happy boy. He is growing up so fast. I wish you lived close by. Oh well maybe one day.
love, Lenka

Amy said...

Ok, the video is a hit! JT is now walking around making that sound! Thanks SOOOO much (not)!

Rob and Bri said...

Too... too... too CUTE! It started my morning off right (with a big smile) by getting to watch Silas. Thanks for posting this for all of us.

Danielle said...

He is SO cute! I love the little noises and giggles. I'm sad I didn't check the other day for the blog competition :) I'll have to keep an eye on you better :)


K.P. said... gave a disclaimer about hearing your voice on the other video and on that one you were just talking. You gave no warning that you would be making such noises. :) What we won't do to hear our kiddos laugh!! Seriously...I sound like an idiot more than once in a day...and then I do something to make them laugh. :)

Silas is a cutie and worth every silly noise. Thanks for sharing!!

Love ya!