Saturday, October 18, 2008

rock the vote, baby!

Silas and I headed out to the polls for early voting. It was quick and easy. Dare I say too quick and easy? Here's how it went down...

Voting was at the library in town. I haven't received my voter's registration card in the mail yet, but my voting friend, Amy, said I didn't need it. Her experience this morning was exactly like mine this afternoon.

We walked in and approached the table. The volunteer asked me if I was Registered. I told her I was. She asked my name. I told her. She asked me my address. Before I finished it she was saying it aloud with me. She asked me to sign a paper verifying my address. They showed me how to used the computer machine to cast my vote.

Notice anything odd? I wasn't asked for identification. None at all. No military ID, no driver's license, no utility bill to show I should vote in this county. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. If I was a criminal, I could have given my neighbor's name and since I know her address, I could have voted Obama on her behalf even though I know she's a fan of McCain.

Isn't that crazy?

Have you voted yet? Tell me, how has your voting experience been?

To make it even more comical, since the voting was at the library, there was a sign saying "So you're registered to vote, but have you registered for a library card?". I felt like a good citizen, so I took Silas in for a library card, you know, I want to be a good example all around. We both got one. BUT, not so easily. I had to show my driver's license and a bill with our address on it. They weren't going to give me the library card because the cell phone bill is in Marshall's name. I showed my military ID to show Marshall is my sponsor, etc. They let me have the cards even though they weren't supposed to.

What is wrong with this picture, ya'll? Library card registration was more secure than the voting booth.

I should have taken a picture of the drive up voting. Do you have that in your county? You didn't even have to get out of the car to vote. Only in the U. S. of A, I tell ya!

Even if you don't have drive through voting, please get out and VOTE!


Rob & Candy said...

too funny! We don't have drive up voting here. I am going next week to vote.
Our town also also has a VERIFICATION process to get a library card. They actually looked up our street up on a map to verify we live in the town limits. It cracks me up.

Rob and Bri said...

I just read that out load for Rob who had the same response as me- Wow!
Then he asked "Where are they stationed again???!!"
LOL. You should have seen if you could just as easy get Silas registered to vote too. =)

Heather and Stephen said...

That is ridiculous. Kind of funny, until you think about it. It's really kind of sad.
and you know we had to vote already to have it in the mail. What if one of them would have said something "I'm for bringing back prohibition" during the debate and all the overseas folks already voted for them?! eek!

and I wonder if they count lost library cards like they do ID cards?! OPSEC BABY!

Amy and Amelia AiChun said...

Yikes. The possibilities for voter fraud are endless. Alas, we wouldn't want anyone to walk away with a book they aren't entitles to. Only in America.

That SILAS gets cuter and cuter. I loved the baby leg things. But help a confused mom. What are those things????

Amy & Amelia AiChun in TX

curtisfamily93 said...

well the libraries have to watch out for those book burners ;)
We voted, thru the mail. Amazingly very simple. Just looked up my Registrar online and BAM! Voter's registration and a ballot. In the past, i must confess, thought it would be a hassle, so I never voted by mail. WILL DO SO FROM NOW ON!

Anonymous said...

My hopeful and determined vote for Obama/Biden went to Virgina as absentee ballot a few weeks ago. There were 6 nationalities hanging out for lunch in our home on my chosen voting day (Croatian, German, Spanish, English, Chinese and American me). I loved filling out that ballot and everyone cheered my choice. Yes, we can! I can hardly sleep I am so excited for Nov 4 !!!! My eyes got teary when I came to your site and saw your Obama widget on there today. Way to stand up Jill. heart, sabrina

Melodie Monberg said...

That's pretty sad that your id was not checked. We had to go through many hoops to vote, including a two hour line (waiting). Hopefully your experience is the minority!