Friday, June 13, 2008

Salomae Harbaugh

Our trip to Ethiopia was fabulous. A major reason it was so fabulous was our travel group. We made life long friends on that trip, friends that get it, friends that shared very intimate moments with us and us with them...the moment we met our children.

Apryl and Seth Harbaugh were in our group. Apryl and I met on the Yahoo! group and emailed and talked on the phone before we traveled. They got their referral a couple of weeks after us and we went to court together. We cheered each other on and prayed each other through. When we arrived at the Hilton they came to our room to meet face to face. Apryl and I hugged and then it just felt right to hug Seth! I mean, it was like we were old friends. I did find out later that he's not much of a hugger....sorry Seth! Marshall hugged him too. Poor guy. But that was it. Our friendship was sealed...with a hug and some mini-golf.
Most mornings at breakfast, Apryl and I were dressed alike. How can you not love a person who packs the same suitcase as you?
The Harbaughs welcomed two children into their family: Salomae Fetya (3 yrs) and Josiah Yohannes (7 mo) with Everett, Ella and Eli waiting at home. Precious children.
While on the trip, the Harbaughs found out that Salomae had some unexpected medical issues. God's hand has been on her since before she was born and making her a Harbaugh is more proof of that. Please read Apryl's post HERE, because she says it better than I can, but after you read, please pray for Salomae and her family. God be glorified!

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Apryl said...

Thank you, Jill!

On the way to the appointment with the surgeon, I thought about you. I feared I would inappropriately begin giggling at something he was going to tell me. Giddiness is always better than fear! Didn't help that Sal spent our time waited crouched by the door with head to the floor listening for the doctor. Everytime someone made noise in the hall she screamed, "Dot-ahh!" and ran back to me. Giggling ensues...

Thank you for your prayers, dear friend!
hugs :)