Sunday, October 19, 2008

we've had a breakthrough

People, we've got a tooth. Front, bottom, left has broken through and front, bottom, right is not far behind. Would you like to see it?

Me too. He won't let either of us see it. It's his tooth and he wants to keep it to himself.

I have seen it, briefly, and felt it, so I know it's there. Maybe he will let me see it tomorrow.


E said...

Yay, Silas!!! Congratulations, buddy! Now please show mommy your tooth so she can take a picture for me. :)

A had 4 teeth when he came home and it seemed like he was teething forever - without anything breaking through. Then...suddenly...we had a mouth full!

Silas is such a cutie. He still looks like that tiny, little peanut I met in Ethiopia, but he's changed so much, too!

Blessing to you all!

jammie said...

hooray to silas...finally...but lil guy now we all want to see those brand new teeth of yours!!! very sweet pictures

Rob & Candy said...

he is sooo cute!!

K.P. said...

I'm glad to hear they actually came through. I am telling myself that Levi is ok since Silas is just now getting teeth. Deacon popped out two on the day he turned 5 months and then two more at 8 months. Levi is going on 10 months and nada. He has 4 waiting just below the surface. I can see them down there, but they elude us. Maybe his teeth lack the same determination that Levi lacks to move. (I think that has more to do with the Bedonkadonk!!)

Love ya!