Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My First Fun-With-a-Purpose-Blog Give-away

Ya'll, I feel like a big time blogger. All the big time bloggers do this. A blog give away. Are you ready?

Last week, for the first time ever, I entered two different blog give aways. They were both for CD's. I did not win first one. The second one has not been determined.

So anyway, it gave me an idea. Why not host a give away myself? Maybe this will give me a better idea of who is reading the blog. I'll take off the comment restrictions so you won't even have to log in for this one. Leave your name though, so I'll know it was you. In case you win. You'll want me to know it was you.

Want to know what you could win?! One of these bracelets from AHOPE for Children. The proceeds from one bracelet will feed a child for a week.

"AHOPE for Children is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve the children of Ethiopia, with a primary emphasis on caring for orphans infected with HIV.In Addis Ababa, AHOPE's two pleasant, well-staffed Children's Homes care exclusively for orphans who are HIV+ and have no extended family to care for them. Many of these children are now finding their forever families through adoption.AHOPE's Community Outreach Program enables orphaned children to remain within their extended families and culture, while receiving medical care, education, food, and other services."

Here are the instructions:

1) Leave a comment beneath this post and tell me who your hero is. It doesn't have to be a long answer....just your hero's name is fine.

2) Go check out AHOPE's website.

3) I'll announce the winner (randomly selected by the Random Integer Generator) on Saturday.

Isn't this fun?!

If you don't win a bracelet here, go to AHOPE's blog and order one (or ten) and feed a child (or ten) for a week.

Thanks for playing!


Susan said...

My hero is my wonderful, loving husband, William. He cleans up barf.

~Susan Schmidt

OK. Nobody else enter, so that I get the bracelet! ;-)

Renee' said...

LOL... I could say "ditto" for my husband Mark for the same reason! He also gets up at 4:30 a.m. every day to provide for his growing family!

Jess said...

My Papaw was, and still is, my hero. Great giveaway, Jill!!

~ Jess Dixon

E said...

Oh...I don't know. But...question...do you know if these bracelets come in kid sizes? I was thinking they'd make great stocking stuffers!


Mark & Mel Harpold said...

My hero is my 12 year old daughter who has such a BOLD SPIRIT!!!


quitecontrary1977 said...

My grandfather moved mountains for me, and after his death I experienced miracle after miracle that I'm certain he had a hand in.

Amber said...

I really am not copying! But my husband is definitely my hero...selfless, patient, talented, loving...on and on :)

Rob and Bri said...

There are a lot of good heroes out there. My hubby and my mom rank up there pretty high in my books though.
(So is the winner picked by choosing a name out of a hat or something?)

Our Spot said...

Matt, Zachary and Taylor are defenitely my heroes. They give me a purpose and a love for life. I wouldn't trade lives with anyone! Kisses to Silas and of course you, Marshall and Sophie!

jammie said...

my grandma was and still is my biggest hero, she was here for me from day one...wether i needed her to be there or not, she just had this unconditional love for me and wasnt afraid to show me and let me feel it. god is taking care of my beautiful hero now ;-) loving and missing her dearly

Jenn Dodson said...

My heroes (yes, plural) are my mom and dad. They both scarificed and gave up so much for my brother andI. They have been the ultimate role model of selfless love for me, especially after I became a mom myself.

Great idea, Jill. Random Integer Generator - I love it!!!! Miss you!

Christy A. Whitaker Harris said...

My hero is "parents who take the road less traveled" for whatever reason or season....


MarksMomma said...

Katie Bradley here.
Ben is my hero, cuz he loves Mark and me even when we're grumpy (or in Mark's words,even when we're "sad and mad")! Well, technically, Jesus is even more my hero, but that is kind of a given. =o)

K.P. said...

Hey. KP here! I am not a lame-o copy cat, but Chris is the MAN! He has put up with my emotional roller coaster for the past...um...10 years and he deserves some props!

Oh...and you are definately a hero! :) Now I'm just suckin' up. Pick me! Pick me! :)


Paul and Holly West said...

I have 2 heros:
1. My mom for your amazing love and sacrificing for my sister and I as a single parent.

2. The birth mother of my son for her courage. She gave our son a chance at life by giving birth to him (and not terminating the pregnancy). Her sacrifice in giving up this little miracle boy so that he had a chance at life.

Holly West

Anonymous said...

Corrie Ten Boom of course!
Katy B

Amy and Amelia AiChun said...

I don't know Katy, but I love Corrie Ten Boom, too! My heroes are my parents 'cuz they're the best and my daughter's foster mother b/c she had the strength to prepare my daughter for adoption and then walk away after loving her for 2 yrs. Her name is Mrs. Li, and she is a true hero.

Amy B in TX

Lori said...

Well I have to say that my husband is my rock, he is a great dad and husband.
Lori Laughner
Belchertown MA

Karla said...

My daughter, Hannah, is quickly becoming my hero. Since entering middle school, I have seen her find her voice for God. I am so proud of the young woman she is becoming and the way she has handled adversity so far this year. It is with faith and poise that she carries herself. I am proud to be Hannah's mom.


Joy Bezner said...

Steve is definitely my hero. He shows me how to love Jesus more every day.
Just so you know, I check your blog all the time. Silas is the cutest thing ever. I hope one day I get to see him in real life. He's adorable and you all are doing a wonderful job as parents! Love from Kaufman!

Anonymous said...

Bernadette here!

My hero? Emma Marie Baird
Google her...

Amy Emory said...

My hero is Bertha Griffis, my grandmother that passed away on June 1st, 2005. If I can be a tenth of the woman that she was, I will be happy.

Love you sweetie and I love seeing all the photos of Silas and Sophie!
Ben is so excited about Marshall's visit this weekend!!

Love ya,

Laura Cordray said...

I would have to name a couple of mighty intercessors as my heroes. Bessie and Mary Lou prayed me through some really tough times - I always knew they had my back and would drop to their knees at the first sign of my distress.

jeannaps said...

Hey, I read all the time. That baby of yours is too cute not to!

Heroes....oh, so many...My grandmother is my hero in the faith, along with Corrie Ten Boom. My cousin and his wife, who are raising 2 beautiful children with cerebral palsy, are my everyday heroes whose constant faith in God, love for their kids and humility bring me to tears. My parents are my heroes too; they love each of us the same and I first learned about Jesus from them. There are others of course. I will have to mention kudos to all those military spouses who day to day support and love their soldiers through tears of frustration and joy and often raise their kids alone.
Have a great day, Jeanna

Our Journey to Adoption said...

My man- He constantly encourages and inspires me to be all that God has called me to be. He also does all the grocery shopping and I LOVE HIM FOR THAT!!! Emily Bowers

Apryl said...

I love this idea!! You are truly a bloggy gal if you have your own giveaway!!

My hero...I'm not the kind of person who has a favorite anything. Why couldn't you ask for something easy, my mind is mush right now. Today, I'm thinking my little girl is my hero. She's so tough, I couldn't do what she's done and she's only four!

much love,

the Steiger's said...

I would have to say my husband Fil. I am so glad God took us on our life advetures together.
love, LEnka

Amy said...

My hero is also my husband. I have seen him grow from a goofy, fun-loving college boy to a devoted husband, father and soldier. He has provided me with the strength to voice my true faith in God and to always strive to be my best. Is that mushy, or what?

Tara said...

I would have to say many to me qualify to be a hero, but the one I will name is my husband he is always there for me and more practical and understanding when I need it.

Steve and Anna said...

I might be just making it in the drawing! :-)
My hero is my mom and dad. They chose to love Jesus and take a different path than their parents and they have NEVER stopped learning and growing in life and their relationship with God!

love the idea Jill!


curtisfamily93 said...

OK, I know the contest is over, but I still want to share who my hero is. Ken my husband, who grew up in the back of his mother's car, in projects on welfare with so many stepdads we've lost count. He struggled and paid his own way thru college on a scholarship, sold his blood during college just to eat. Against all the odds and society who put him down because he was poor, he is now a successful soldier in the army, loving father & AWESOME Godly role model for our 2 sons and a wonderful and loving husband. He inspires me every day to give it my all. I'm proud to be his "Army Wife". Audra loves Ken;)