Sunday, October 19, 2008

happy birthday, daddy!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Marshall!!!


jammie said...

herzlichen glueckwuensch zum geburtstag marshall ;-) and one more time in english happy birthday to u...hold on i do know it in spanish as well feliz cumpleanos...hihi did i represent all the cultures in the olvera family right? hope u had a wonderful day ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marshall!! Terrific picture of you and your boy. Wish you 3 could pop over to Oxford for a visit : ) . Enjoy celebrating with Jill and that adorable Silas.
sabrina (and alex)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Marshall! Have a super great day today! I bet it is beautiful there!!!! See ya'll soon!
Love, Leslie Gilmore

the Steiger's said...

Happy Birthday, Marshall!!!
I hope you had a nice Sunday with your family.
the Steiger clan

Anonymous said...

Have patience--Wade didn't have teeth til he was 10 months--walking at 9 months, though. I thought we were going to have to get false teeth! Your story about voting was unbelievable--hope it isn't happening everywhere. Hope Marshall had a nice birthday. Pat McDonald announced his retirement Sunday for February 09.
Would love to see you.

K.P. said...

Happy Birthday Marshall!


Apryl said...

Happy Birthday to Marshall!! Be glad you can't *hear* me singing that (or if you'd like to--just visit Josiah's bday video and imagine we all say Marshall instead of Jojo).
apryl :)

Amy said...

Happy Belated to Marshall! Is he home yet? And, yes, I am a blog "copy cat." I saw your button (it is really bizarre to see him when your page loads, just sitting there under Silas' high chair picture), and immediately had to have one! You are the coolest blogger ever!