Thursday, October 16, 2008

october cuteness

These are NOT leg warmers...they are called Baby Legs and they are too cute for words.
A couple of weeks ago, this is how I was greeted in the morning.
He hasn't stopped pulling up and standing since. He loves to stand and walk up and down the couch...
Our world is about to change again.....walking is on the horizon!


shawn and tisha said...

Wow! He'll be walking in no time now! What a cute little guy!

K.P. said...

Look out!!! Here's comes Mr. SC!! :)

AAHHHH....Levi just crawled...he got up the gumption and crawled! I was ignoring his complaints about not being able to reach a ball, so he did it himself!! Progress!! Glad I could share this moment with you.

See, blogging doesn't make you a bad gives your kids added incentive to get moving. :)

Luv 2 you!


Sheryll said...

Todd called it patrolling when the boys would walk up and down the sofa. Its a fun and busy time! Enjoy!

Rob & Candy said...

he is too cute. I cannot wait until he can walk up to your cupboards and pull everything out!