Friday, June 20, 2008

whoopsie daisey

We went to Silas' last well-baby before we head out of here. He might have peed on the soldier that was weighing and measuring him. I didn't say he did; I said he might have....

Our big boy weighed in @ 16.53 pounds and 26.78 inches long. He got the rest of his immunizations and we braved the lab one. more. time. That was it. I wasn't going back. After I bragged about the first time, the next three times were a nightmare, the last being almost a very ugly situation... So, I almost went home, putting it off until Bragg. I found myself strolling down the hall. I peeked my head through the window and asked if they were busy. My two fave soldiers were there and they did a beautiful job...3 vials later, we are all done with that. Praise the Lord!

Now, if they could only find my medical records, we'd be golden. Wonder where they walked off to?

No pictures of our day. I couldn't bring myself to whip out the camera during the pee fountain, which may or may not have occured, the shots and blood drawing.

Sweet boy is in bed now and Sophie is asleep on the bed next to his pack and play. In case he needs anything, she can let us know. I told you we were making progress...


Katy said...

Happy Birthday Jill!!! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear sweet sister Jill! Happy birthday to you! Love, Katy Can't wait to see you soon!!!! (your bday is Saturday but I will be flying)

K.P. said...

Yippe! It's your bday?? When's the party? What are you...18? :)

Got a court date today! Not till July 15th, but's a date! Pumped!

LOVE the new header and the title and content of this post. You are so creative!

We were out of town today. Didn't check to see if "unknown" had tried us or not.

Love ya!