Sunday, June 1, 2008

lazy Sunday

We had a nice lazy day. Here is our day in pictures....

happy boy

where's Silas?

there he is!!

safari, anyone?

i call this the "tripod"

i have important things to teach you, son.

hello! anyone want to play with ME?!
i'm so glad you're my daddy.

let the good times roll!

it's really tiring being this cute.

i'm back after a short break

why can't i sleep on his blanket?

i guess my sweet potatoes stained too many shirts.

hey, dad. do you like sweet potatoes?

i think i'll save some for later.

mom and dad are hoping this is a long break....


K.P. said...

Lovin' the pictures! You certainly have a little side-sleeper don't you. Each picture of him sleeping is in the same position. :)

Sounds like a fun day. We went to a graduation. Not too relaxing and, as you was hot, yo! :)


shawn and tisha said...

The pictures of Silas are so cute! I love his little hat. :)
(Sophie looks cute with her toy too.)

Jori said...

SO cute! you are so good about keeping with us ~ How could anyone not love that smile!!! :):P
Blessings, Jori