Monday, June 23, 2008

We're baaaaaack!

Got back yesterday...all of the pictures in this post took me 24 hours to load...
Who's the husband of the year? That would be Marshall. He planned and booked a surprise trip for us to Marburg, Germany to stay at this place. A five star place. I don't think I've ever seen so many stars. My flip flops were totally inappropriate and if I'd known, I would have worn my "I didn't know we were coming to a place this nice" tee shirt. But then I would have dressed appropriately so the tee shirt would have been silly....
He had to book it and make it a surprise because he knows my frugality would have us staying at the hostel down the street.

We had an apartment so Sophie could go. That girl likes luxury. They even had a dog bed for her...she was sold at first sniff.

We had the romance package with rose petals and Silas got a duckie robe and slippers because they didn't want the other babies to be intimidated by his physique on the way to the pool. Funny thing happened on the way to the pool. Silas was decked out in his bottoms and hooded cover up. When I took him out of the stroller in the dressing room, the stroller seat was wet. This was before swimming. Guess those trunks are not like a diaper?
real, live rose petals, part of the romance package

Silas' bed was big enough for us and he got a down comforter and the aforementioned robe/slipper set.

Our view...doesn't do it justice. Can you see the lilly pads?

The couch napped nicely. ;)

Oh well. He loved the water and giggled and screamed. I knew we were at a nice place when at breakfast, both mornings, the wait staff offered to wash his bowl and spoon. Isn't that nice? I would have been happy to go in the kitchen and warsh it myself, but they insisted.

Here are some pictures of our beautiful, next to last weekend in Deutschland.
Are we there yet?!
Sophie was told not to lay on Silas' blanket to eat her bone. If you look closely, on my lap, is the clever little dog. She was not ON his blanket.
Who needs toys when you have Momma's hair?
Insert belly laugh here.

Breakfast by the fountain followed by an old man nap.
My guys in their robes by the pool.
When in Europe, do as the Europeans. Can you tell Silas has been working out?
Beautiful market square in the old city.

God is an Artist for sure.

Now imagine me sitting on the other side of Sophie...this is the back seat. Marshall is our chauffeur. Now imagine this picture the whole trip from Charleston to Central TX. And then pray for us.

I need to get to scrubbing soap scum and start packing our bags. We move to the hotel in a couple of days. I can't believe it!

Thanks, honey, for a wonderful family trip. Sorry for asking every 5 minutes how much it cost. That's just how I'm made...simple girl. :)


K.P. said...

Looks like fun! Way to go Marshall. You have set the bar high for other hubbies. :)

Happy packing! Get yourselves to the States...ASAP! I have unlimited long distance! Send me your digits. :)


Rob & Candy said...

Oh Jill, your hubby is awesome! what a wonderful trip.

Susan & Randy said...

Jill it looks like you had a great trip! Please call me when you get to TX. Are you staying at your sister's house? Artem and I (and Bella) are just down the road and walk past her house every morning on our walk. Maybe you and Silas can join us?!

Jori said...

What a fun srprise adventure! Go Marshall!! Glad to hear you will be in the states shortly ~ should be a piece of cake right !?
Blessings, Jori

Apryl said...

Forwarding this post along to Seth. Though we aren't in Europe, and I don't believe our family could fit in an apartment. Shucks!

Living vicariously through your pics will have to do :) Nice job Marshall!!

Anonymous said...

looks sooo fun! you guys are headed to central texas - not too far from us - woohoo! we head to peru tomorrow, well miami first for team training, then lima, peru - then miami...then nyc...then nh..then home...on july 24th! you guys will be back by welcome back!