Monday, June 16, 2008

Aunt Katy goes to ET!

A year ago yesterday, I stepped into Ethiopia for the first time. Waiting for me was my sister, one of my very best friends. We served with a team for 2 weeks and learned what poverty and joy looked like. I watched her wash the feet of a homeless child and give the shirt off of her back to an orphanage cook. And she'll kill me for telling you all that, but I still live too far away for her to reach me.
My sister is, well, pretty much awesome. She has a servant's heart. She's going back to Ethiopia, without me :(, on June 21 to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Please pray for her and her team of 16 as they serve those in need.
They will also spend time at the Transition Home, so she'll be loving on children that belong to our friends.
Here are some of Katy's prayer requests for June 21 - July 4:

• Team Unity
• For God’s love and comfort to be felt by the adults and children we serve
• For the emotional and physical healing of the orphans we will work with
• For good health and traveling mercies
• For God to be glorified through our work in Ethiopia

Lord, rain down on Ethiopia!!

Thanks for praying, ya'll!


Apryl said...

Jill--I just posted on the YG about the boys you played soccer with last year. Can you read that and let me know if it's right? Do you know if your sister and the group will maybe be seeing them again? What a wonderful opportunity for her! Perhaps in a few years (or more), when my kids are older...

K.P. said...

That is awesome. I love knowing that your sister will be over there. It's so comforting to "know" someone that will be hugging our little man for us! Please thank her for us and pass our man's picture.

We'll be praying for her and the team as well as those they will meet. AWESOME!

I want this to be our family vacations! :)

Anonymous said...

Jill...I saw Katy yesterday before she left and talked to her again today before she got on the plane in Dallas. She is so ready spiritually, mentally and physically. She can hardly wait to go and to serve the Lord, but she can't wait to come home to see you all here in Texas! (Neither can I for that matter) You are so right when you say she will be dong the work of the Lord, she shines with the light of Jesus in her heart and soul and she brings peace and love to everyone around her. Thanks for posting her specific prayer requests, we will pray daily! God Bless all of you! Love, Leslie G.