Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a shirt with a message

"good looks run in the family"
In other Coen news:

There has been a little breakthrough in the Silas/Sophie relationship. The other day, Sophie's ball ended up between Silas' legs while he was doing some tummy time. She thought he was playing with her...very cute. Today I was changing Silas' diaper on the bed (oh, my back! it's a low bed) and Sophie wanted up to be part of the action. We finished and he rolled onto his tummy. Sophie was totally trying to play with him...makes a Momma proud. Before you know it, she'll be giving him horsey rides around the house.

All of our stuff is officially packed, loaded and gone. What does one do without a remote control, you ask? Well, you sit close to the tiny TV and change channels with your toes. Marshall wanted me to let you know that in no way was he watching Dr. Ph*l, he was changing the channel FROM Dr. Ph*l. Our house is bare, but so full. This little guy has given us more joy than we could imagine. His personality is precious....when we are out and about, he doesn't make a peep. He just sits and looks cute. As soon as we're home and the door closes, he comes alive. Our bedtime routine has been golden and he's sleeping through most nights. Glory hallelujah!! I think we also cracked the code on bottles...got new, fast flow nipples and he digs them. He loves his solid food too. I made him some carrots, apples, sweet peas and sweet potatoes. We've run out of apples and he totally snubs the jarred food. Oh no! But, we have to do something because our food processor is on a ship and we will be traveling. I got him some jarred food from the German grocery today and I think it hit the spot (thanks Katie!!). My first clue was when he was kicking me to get me to feed him faster...respectfully, of course. It's best to eat carrots without a shirt...Silas goes back to the doctor for his last well-baby before we leave. The pediatrician called last week to tell us that all of his labs came back normal. Praise!! I can't wait for him to get weighed....he's definitely gained. He's into some of his 9 months clothes. Look at his little belly hanging over his shorts...

We also took a walk over to the strawberry patch with my neighbor girls and their babies last week. It was so fun! Strawberry picking is more tedious than I imagined...no wonder they're so expensive. We had a great time with our "stroller brigade". Thanks girls!!

That's all for now....who read all the way to the end of this long post?!


shawn and tisha said...

I read all the way to the end, Jill. It was a good'n. Silas is such a cute baby. I love his hats! I haven't been able to find any hats at the stores here that I like.

ethiHOPEia said...

I read all the way too! :) I enjoy your posts and all the pictures, Silas is adorable. But you already knew that! I visited Paris once several years ago and I must say that it would be great fun to live in Europe for a little while.

K.P. said...

I sure did! :) Always do. It's nice to hear about you friend!

Renee' said...

Me me me! :-) Who could possibly stop mid post with all those aDORable Silas pics!

Dawn said...

I made it to the end! Sounds like y'all are having fun right up until the end of your time there. That is AWESOME! You have the BE where you are! Talk to you soon - Dawn

Jori said...

Me too! I just reading so I could view all the cute pictures!! Well, your info was good too! What a fun thing to be doing with lots of mommy's! Glad to hear you all are doing well.
(Tell Marshall we believe him! :))
Blessings, Jori
DTE 02/19 either x2

E said...

Me, too! So great to hear you're all doing well. I'll be praying for you guys as you head back across the Atlantic. I'm sure it will be a big transition!


K.P. said...

Since all the invites were lost in the mail...maybe I did invite you! You better hurry. You're going to be late. :)


Anonymous said...

so awesome! he is soooo cute!!!! thanks for the pics - great to see how well you guys have adjusted - yay sleep!

Amy said...

Hey Jill - I am leaving town for a few weeks and can't remember when you will be here. But, I wanted to let you know that I mentioned yours and Marshall's name to Kim, the manager of the Pope neighborhood center. She was the manager of my neighborhood center until recently. She is going to be on the lookout for you so please feel free to ask for her if you have any housing questions at Pope. Also, you have such a great blog that you inspired me to do one. You can check us out at www.nctrimbles.blogspot.com.

Can't wait to meet you. Have a great summer! Amy

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...


Rob & Bri said...

Love the shirt. That is one stylin' lil' guy you have there! He's hitting his first summer with some good threads (and cuteness to boot!)