Friday, June 27, 2008

officially homeless

We are now officially homeless and living in the hotel...oh the joys. Actually it's fine..Silas is learning to nap/sleep with the tv on, which is good in the long run. Sophie actually loves hotel rooms...not sure why.

We also officially have too much stuff! But most of it seems necessary. Just mailed a box home today and need to reorganize and repack.

No internet at the hotel, so I'm feeling unplugged. :( I'll try to keep ya'll updated as possible.

Busy weekend planned and then airplane Monday morning. Woo hoo!!

Got an update from my sister...all of the luggage has arrived. They have been to Kids Care, Kechene Center and are going to the Transition Home tomorrow and lots of time will be spent at Hannah's Orphan Home. Please keep praying for them...she sounded great.

Just wanted you to know where we've been. Sorry no pictures...Silas is as cute as ever.


Jori said...

Praying you all travel well!! What an adventure you are on!!
Blessings, Jori

Bezner said...

Hello! Happy traveling on Monday! Seriously, I know there is a line of people waiting to see you all, but if there is a chance we could see that cute boy, then we'll take it.

shawn and tisha said...

praying you have a safe trip! :)

Heather and Stephen said...

Jill, Marshall and baby Silas,
I realized just now that you are really going and I'll probably not have a chance to see you again before you fly. You have been a joy to know, and I hope our paths will cross again.
I cannot wait to live in the guest house!! :)

curtisfamily93 said...

So sorry we missed you at Chapel.
BUT...We'll miss you and Pray that all goes well for your new family. Watching & Praying you guys thru your steps of becoming a new family has really ministered to me in ways you'll never understand. What a blessing. It's been a pleasure being your Prayer Warrior, not just for the PWOC Board but also for your family. I'll keep it up ;) We are really gonna miss you and Marshall (esp his Preaching) can't wait to keep watching the blog and see Silas grow. smOOches! Audra & her "boys"

Anonymous said...

I drove past your house today and thought..."OH! They are really gone!!" Mannheim misses you. The blog will mean more than ever to us now. Love, Christy