Saturday, March 1, 2008

i'm acting like a mom

Last night I went to dinner with my lovely Chaplain wives....I love them! We had Indian food, which I was so excited about because I hadn't ever had it. It was yummy. The first tender moment occurred when our newest addition to the group was looking over our roster. It includes our name, hubby's name and unit, birthday, anniversary, address, phone numbers, etc. I happened to glance over at the paper and under my name I saw, "Children: Silas".

Be still my heart, he's on the roster! My eyes welled up and I was so touched. To see it on paper was so sweet.

And then our waitress was not Indian. I told my friend across from me that she looked Ethiopian. On our way out, I asked the waitress where she was from. She said Eritrea. Close! Eritrea is the country that borders Ethiopia to the north. They have a choppy history. I told her that my son was in Ethiopia and before she could agree to see his picture I had it whipped out of my purse in all of it's 4X6 framed glory....right over her tray of drinks she was attempting to serve. She was sweet about it. I guess that's just how mothers act?


Susan & Randy said...

That is so sweet of the wife to list Silas' name. God calls only the sweetest women to be chaplain's wives.

I ran into some people that work with Randy and whipped out my 36 page mini photo album and forced them to look at pictures of Artem. After they were done looking, one of them commented on how cute he looked the 2nd time around. What? You already saw the pictures? Come to find out Randy forced them to see all the pictures at work a few days prior with his matching 36 page mini photo album. I guess when you are new parents you can't help but be proud to show off pictures of our kids huh??

Caleb and Becca's Ethiopia Adoption said...

glad you liked the indian food...its my fav of all time!! i am part indian too hence the partiality.