Saturday, March 1, 2008

families in ET

There are some families in and on their way to Ethiopia right now to pick up their children. Several have blogs, if you would like to follow:

McIlrath Family

Wegner Family

Treadwell Family

Harpold Family

The other families either have private blogs or no blogs.

Enjoy and let the blog-stalking fully commence! ;)


kristin said...

This is going to be you soon and I am going to be stalking your blog!

Anonymous said...

Just back from SF, USA last evening and checking your blog first thing, how's that for stalking? So awaiting that picture of Silas to appear on here : ) Oh my gosh, it is all happening Jill! You guys are going to be there picking him up before you know it. Yippeeee! heart,sabrina

Sheryll said...

Hey Momma Jill,
Okay, its official, everytime that I log onto your blog, I need a tissue! Tears of joy!! You mentioned the chaplain wives . . . oh I miss you all (of course, there are some new ones there, too). Every proud momma (and daddy) always have pictures of their babies!! I am so excited for you!!