Tuesday, March 4, 2008

better than winning the lottery!

Today we got 3 new pictures of Silas from, Erica, one of the parents traveling to pick up her son. And Mel, another traveling parent, posted on our Yahoo! group that:

"JILL: Baby Boy was sleeping a lot of the time we were there but I can tell you that he loves singing! Actually, all of the babies love music but he just smiled and smiled while the nannies were singing!! I don't think I ever saw the nannies put him down the entire 3 hours we were there too so he is in good hands!"

In all of Erica's pictures, Silas was in the arms of a nanny, so I'd say he's getting some good attention. He also wears his bigger than life, pink pacifier better than any baby boy I've ever seen. That pacifier is almost as big as he is.

Thanks Erica and Mel! Today's pictures and post were better than winning the lottery for this momma!

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kristin said...

That is so sweet!!!!!!!