Tuesday, March 4, 2008

behind the green gate

Silas is behind this very green gate. This is the Transitional Home for our agency. When children are referred to families, they are moved from the orphanage to this home until their parents come to pick them up. Thus, the transitional home. It's the piece between being and orphan and being forever with their family.

There are about 13 nannies on staff, a guard, head nurse, cook and directors at the home. The home holds between 12 and 20 babies and children at a time. Right now, Mr. Silas is one of those babies. When you think of it, please pray for the nannies and staff at the Transitional Home. They work tirelessly to give these children a home away from their forever homes.

When we travel, we'll be taking our donations here. Our plan is to take money to spend in the local economy for familiar products like formula and diapers, as well as anything else they may need. Our luggage weight limit is not so high, so since money doesn't weigh much and we can stimulate the local economy, it seems to be the best plan.

We're trying to get there as fast as we can, little man! But until then, it's so good to know you're being well taken care of.

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kristin said...

I love that green gate! I cant wait to take my own pictures of it!