Friday, March 28, 2008

court: 2 weeks to go!

Please take your eyes to the ticker above.....2 weeks until our court appointment! We are getting very, very close!
This week 6 AWAA families got referrals! Here's the rundown: 2 infant girls, 2 infant boys, and 2 sibling groups. That's 8 children who now have families. forever.

If you would like to visit their blogs and enjoy the excitement, here are those I know about: Cordells, Kidds, Wests.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name. For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100:4-5

We are thanking God and praising Him for the gift of Silas and the children in our AW families (they really do feel like family)! And He is GOOD and His love endures FOREVER. He is FAITHFUL ALWAYS and through the generations....through Silas' generation and beyond. Wow!

I told you I say "Wow!" a lot.

Other random happenings? We got our stroller in the mail yesterday. Can I just say it's awesome? The car seat was sent to my parents' house because it was too bulky. They mailed it here yesterday. Here's the stroller:
Besides, "Would you like to go out with me?", "Will you marry me?" and "When are we going to start our second adoption?", the sweetest thing I've ever heard Marshall say is, "You'll notice I made a purchase today (if I looked at our account)...I bought our boy some jeans. He really needs some jeans." Be still my heart! That he even cares about Silas' wardrobe touches me deeply. He came home with the last pair of 6 month Osh Kosh jeans in all of Germany for our son. (Maybe not all of Germany, but you get the drift.) I'm glad some poor, unsuspecting woman wasn't grabbing for them at the same time. Here they are with Sophie the Supermodel (please don't judge):
Hope you're having a great day! Thanks for checking in. Come on April 11!!!


Team Dragovich said...

The stroller rocks, the jeans are adorable and I think Sophie is a GREAT model!! We're counting down the days with you!


jammie said...

i absolutely love your stroller, looks really stylish. i cant wait until we get together and our boys will play for the first time. i think i'll take like a million pictures ;-) wow only 2more exciting.

Susan said...

You two are so precious!! I'm enjoying your excitement!!! We're praying for your successful court date in TWO weeks!!

Love, Susan

shawn and tisha said...

Ha ha! I love your Sophie modeling picture. :) Cute stroller, and Yea for 2 weeks!

K.P. said...

You look great behind orange. :) I hope the 2 weeks flies! I love the jeans too and that Marshall thought of them. So sweet. Chris is just as excited about our guy as I am. That always helps.


Heather and Stephen said...

Awesome. Court date, stroller, jeans, Coen Family. All truly awesome. :) Love y'all~h

Rob & Bri said...

I think it's all good. Scratch that- great. But why isn't Sophie modeling the stroller, too? hehe

E said...

Too cute. And, girl, we need to get Silas home. Too many Sophie pictures up in here. :) Kidding! Not judging!

Praying for the 11th & hope to be hearing wonderful news of travel plans very soon!


Anonymous said...

Love the stroller we have the same one and same color. Its my favorite travel stroller. I am praying that the Next 2 weeks fly on bye for you. I dont think we will be here to meet Silas when you bring him home :( but next time you are in TX look us up (you have my email) cant wait to meet your precious baby boy. Sofie is such a cute model.

Stephanie Sims

Jori said...

Good morning Jill. Praying for the nest 2 weeks to be quick for you ... and go get him!

Blessings, Jori

Jenn said...

Aww,thats so sweet. The princess is such a good model. Keep an eye out, I am sending him a little something Silas can rock with those jeans!