Thursday, February 14, 2008

what next?

We have a baby, with a name, so what's next?

Right now the in-country representative, Girmachew, is working on our paperwork for court and will request a court appointment for us. He will request a court date for us in Ethiopia. We are not eligible for a court appointment until some time in March. (A child has to be in care for 90 days.)

After a favorable court ruling, we will travel three weeks later. So, prayerfully we will go to pick him up in April. We considered traveling twice to Ethiopia in order to get an IR3 visa. We decided that traveling once and obtaining an IR4 visa will be fine. What's a little more paperwork, right?

Now it's time to pull all of the loose ends together and get ready for our boy. It's so nice to have a face to go with our dreams. Wondering if it will ever really happen is really hard, and now I see that the wait after the referral is really, really hard. I trust the Lord that he is getting the best care and all of his needs are being met.

We're praying now that we get the earliest court date possible and that it's sucessful. We are beside ourselves with joy and anticipation. My heart has been stolen...again...this time by a boy named Silas.


Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day Mama Jill, Daddy Marshall, Baby Silas and Princess Sophie. Let the days move fast enough for you but with many good works and joyous details in each of them(!)- until you are united as a family.
Love to you today,

Steve & Anna said...

oh! I am praying for you and your court date and that God will carry you through with His perfect peace. I can't wait to see you holding that little boy! :-)

shawn and tisha said...

I can't wait until all the waiting is over and you are holding little Silas in your arms! You are in my prayers. Congratulations again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This was a much needed post. After asking the question myself I saw you having to answer the same question a few times for others. This adoption process has tuaght you much patience as we all want to know the next step in bringing Silas home. =)