Sunday, February 24, 2008

safe plastic? it's dangerous?!

Did you know that some baby bottles are dangerously toxic? I know...I didn't know either.

The Green to Grow website where I ordered Silas' bottles has some great information here. I had know idea about safe and unsafe plastics until I read about this, so I wanted to share it with my faithful readers...both of you. ;)

Actually, the world we live in does really concern me. I think a lot of our health problems have a lot to do with what we ingest. Have you ever tried to read the ingredients in your favorite, even "healthy", snack? What is that stuff? Is it real?

On another note, do I really need special laundry detergent for Silas' things? If it's not safe for a baby, why do I want to wear clothes washed in it?

I'll stop now before you think I've turned into an all natural granola girl freak. I am still wearing make up, by the way, and I do wear deodorant. My next post will be entirely dedicated to cloth diapers, or nappies, as I like to call them. ;)

Adoption note: Our court date will be requested after March 1.


Lew and Brandi Johnson said...

so nature freak, i see you are doing alot of research :) no really it is great. i think about the same things and have the same theory about chemicals and people's health today. but you MAY reconsider the whole 'nappie' thing when you see this stuff! i LOVE throwing away diapers! i will use them until our supply runs out and then i will be relegated to nappie world. as if i have extra time in the day after cooking from scratch and devoting my energies to elisabeth and lew. they are so worth it all though! love you guys and i am tuned into Silas watch! i Am on the same continent with him after all. :)

kristin said...

hi! About a year ago I changed our WHOLE food products around after reading a ton on processed food and "un-rel"things. I literally went through all our stuff and if I did not know what was on the back label of our food I gave it away to people who need food in general. I have been so much more careful with chemicals and buying more organic things too. Once you start finding out this kinda get into the whole new world. A bitter sweet one.

Now I pretty much only shop at Trader Joes and try to use the most "from the earth" stuff I can find/afford. :)

Karen said...

I'm right there with ya! I'm making changes in my life step by step to live without as many processed foods / chemicals / other bad stuff as I can. Kudos to you!

I'm reading as much as I can about healthy living, and trying to keep my eyes out for natural baby care products that are as "close to nature" as I can get while not breaking the bank. :)

However, I just can't bring myself to use cloth diapers. My sister-in-law does, but I guess I'm going to try to overcompensate in other ways... Laundry is my LEAST favorite activity so it just wouldn't work. We'd have a mighty stinky house with no diapers on baby. Ha!


Amber said...

i am learning so much about this too! Shaklee has been awesome for our products, laundry detergent, etc. all natural and i love it! (i am not a granola girl freak either, haha) reading your "call" post makes me even more excited for ours, eventhough it's months away :)

the Steiger's said...

As Amber wrote we too use Shaklee cleaning products. I have been for almost 9 years. And as Kristin wrote I love Trader Joes. I love to cook and my kids know only home made for most of the food stuff. I always made my own baby food. Our grocery bill is high every month but I know my family is eating healthy food.
PS: I can ot wait to go get my GreenToGrow bottles. (this weekend)

The Redman's said...

I use the Green to Grow bottles... and really like them. They took a little bit to get used to- they don't have a vented nipple(but a gal that works there said they're working on getting one.) She said to just not tighten the cap down too tight onto the bottle and it should be fine. If you ever have any questions or problems with them-- the people at the company are very nice and a wealth of knowledge!! Enjoy. And, I'm glad you like your lovie!!!