Thursday, February 7, 2008

23 weeks waiting....

I can't believe we've made it to 23 weeks. I thought surely the wait would be over by now. We're one week from a 6 month wait.
Our agency gave us a 4-7 month window to wait for a referral. We're still in the window, but I feel like we're dangling out of the window by our feet. :) We're hanging on, hoping a praying for that call.
Two families had successful court dates yesterday and 5 more have their court appointments tomorrow. Please pray they go through and can begin travel arrangements. How wonderful it would be for our little guy to be in the transition home when they get there! What a gift those pictures would be.
I'm ready to pack our bags.....just need that phone call!! It would be silly to start packing before the phone call, right?!

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K.P. said...

Hey...whatever helps. You pack if you need to, girl! :) I so wish we would end up traveling together because I would so like to meet you, but I have a feeling you'll be blazing the trail for me. Maybe you can take pictures for me. :) I hope you get your call soon.