Saturday, February 2, 2008

random quick update

no news this week like we expected. please stay tuned.

gimpy gout is better...way better.

marshall is home. :)

picking up my brother tomorrow morning.

i have no idea who to vote for....and i've looked at all parties, not just my usual.

wish we could watch the new episodes of Lost like everyone else. we love that show.

it's late and i should really be in bed.

love to you all! (i did say random, didn't i?)


Anonymous said...

Dear Jill, having put MUCH thought, prayer and study into it AND just having Simon Schama (HUGE thinker, historian, religion professor-at cambridge, harvard) endorse the same candidate at a "lofty" lecture I attended on Tues. I am extremely enthused to encourage you vote for ... (will send it to ya private as to not make your blog page a big political debate. Want to stick to the issue of that lil boy coming tho I do believe, like you, your vote goes to secure his future too : ) !! ). Glad Marshall is back and have a WONDERFUL reunion with your brother. We've got mine coming next month - yay!

Andrea said...

So sorry to hear of your Gout. Sounds really painful. I agree with your friend, this is your labor pains! I hope you get a call this week! Enjoy your reunion with your brother, and I will be checking back......frequently!


Rob & Candy said...

Hi Jill, I'm glad you are feeling better.
Lost was great! I cannot wait for next week's show. Can you watch Lost on the internet? I hope you can. I just checked, Thursday's show is ready for viewing.

Rob & Candy said...

Bummer about being blocked! You can make your proxy anonymous (I've never done this) and then you should be able to view... google anonymous proxy.

K.P. said...

Glad you are feeling better! I know what you mean about the voting. I've never heard my husband talk about not voting, but he's actually mentioned it. We're having trouble with all of them and it's coming down to the lesser of the evils. UGH. I'm glad this world is not my home.


Apryl said...

We can't watch lost at the "right" time either-Seth has class. We watched it on the internet. ABC upgraded and it's full screen. We just plop down in front of the computer on Friday nights and relish every second of it :) I spent 3 years in Berlin watching AFN--feeling your pain!

shawn and tisha said...

The gout sounds awful, I'm glad you're feeling better. I don't know who to vote for either. Hope you get your referral really soon! :)

Gibson Family said...


I'm late posting here...but just read u have gout. Oh, I'm so dad has experienced the pain you're describing. Praying its feeling much better,,,ouch! it tonight w/ hubby online. It was, blow-your-mind-away, awesome. Yes...we're obsessed fans, too.

Lots of love were tagged...go to my blog journal. I want your 8 :)