Wednesday, February 20, 2008

official referral packet

Guess what came in the mail today? Our official referral packet. It included all of the information we received from Duni during THE call and subsequent email. But....the best part? Two 8X10 photos of the cutest boy in the world. One boy shouldn't be that cute.

We will fax our referral acceptance letter to America World tomorrow. We can pay our payment online...ah, technology.

Please pray for our court date. We're hoping to hear soon.
Yesterday we mailed a care package for Silas to our friends the Harpolds, one of the families traveling 1 March to pick up their children. We included a soft blanket we slept with for a few nights and a soft photo album with frighteningly close up pictures of us. Hope it doesn't make him cry. Mel and Erica, could you make sure he doesn't cry over our big faces?
What a blessing that these friends are willing to love on our son, take pictures of him, and share a piece of us with him. This group of families we've walked this road with will forever be special to us.


Bezner said...

I can hardly wait to see a picture of this guy. It's going to be awesome!

shawn and tisha said...

That's exciting!! The packet is so cute.
I'll be praying for you court date to come very soon!:)

Rob & Candy said...

Jill, you are cracking me up! I bet Silas will take one long look at his mommmy & daddy's face and break out into a huge smile :-)... and then he'll put the photo book in his mouth...
I cannot wait to hear more.

kristin said...


There is something SO cool about you guys getting this referral. Other then the obvious, of course. I think this makes thing more real for US! I have checked your blog and watched you wait and now seeing your baby becoming makes it seem like it will end someday and we will get to rejoice like you guys are! I am SO SO SO excited for you and cant wait to see pictures!

E said...

Hee hee. Jill, you're too funny! I'm sure Silas will not cry at your big faces! :) Can't wait to get over there & meet our boys! You can count on us to give him lots of love...and take lots of pictures! So excited!


P.S. Your referral packet is way cuter than mine was!

Rob & Bri said...

I agree with the others- there is no way Silas won't get a big grin at seeing his mommy & daddy. How awesome to get nice big pics of your little guy. I'm sure you walk by the picture and just grin every five minutes. (I'm right aren't I, you just looked at his picture and smiled just now, didn't you?) hehe


Anonymous said...

maybe it is the same picture you have put up here? I LOVE that picture of you too - it has faith, hope and love written all over it. we are off to San Francisco tomorrow - my honey has a conference. Get to see my folks and jr.hs little best friend who haven't seen in 20 yrs. Probably feel like you - i keep thinking, "hope she likes me!". J&M, Silas is the luckiest little guy in the whole world to get you as his parents. Ecstatic with you and for you 3,

Apryl said...

This is too funny! I also contacted Mel about taking stuff to our kids. They are both in the TH, I started to cry just talking about sending stuff to them. I'm a mess!

When does Silas's 90 day period end?

your possible travelling buddy,

K.P. said...

You are a hoot! Your faces are just too cute to cry over! :) I'm sure he will know immediately that you are Mom and Dad and he'll shoot Mel and E. a look like, "Well...where are they?" Soon sweet one...

I hope and pray you get a speedy court date and are successful on the first try. I also hope that I can send a squishy album with you! :)

Love and prayers!

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

Guys, we are so excited for you! Hope you hear of your court date soon! And I am sure Silas will love his blankie and photo album!

Carpenters said...

Isn't it a great feeling getting that referral packet and signing that acceptance letter? I agree with Erica though, your referral packet was much cuter than ours. I'm so excited for you both.

With Love,