Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hello 2008! Nice to meet you!

I can't believe 2007 is over! It will always be known as the year of the adoption (the paper chase part, at least). It was a wonderful year I'd say. I was so so hoping to have our referral before it ended but I don't want to look back with "with onlies"....cause I can get all mad and caught up in those if I don't watch it. God is in control (and I want Him to keep it-I keep trying to do His job-Lord forgive me) and we pray for good news early in 08.

Lord willing, our children will come home very soon.

My friend Heidi and her husband Kirk, who I met on our missions trip this summer, are in Addis, as I type, picking up their 3 newest children. I am so happy for them! You can follow along with their blog (see the hyperlink...another 2007 accomplishment..ha!)

I am looking forward to this new year and the blessings it will bring....two in particular.

Dear Precious Babies,
Oh how my heart longs for you both! We are getting so close it hurts! Mommy and Daddy are getting everything ready for you, so when we get the phone call, everything will be in place. We can't wait to see your little faces...and fingers and toes...and big brown eyes. It feels like we've waited a lifetime for you. In a way we have. God has been preparing us our whole lives to become YOUR parents. Even before I set eyes on your precious faces I know YOU ARE WORTH IT ALL. And then some.

Lord, I ask You to bless them and keep them; make Your face shine upon our babies and be gracious to them. Lord, turn Your face toward them and give them peace in their little hearts. I pray this in the Name above all names, Jesus Christ. Amen.
(from Numbers 6:24-26)


shawn and tisha said...

Happy New Year!
Hoping with you for good news soon!
Tisha (awaa yg)

Anonymous said...

Praying for GREAT news for you and SOON!!
I love your prayers!!


jammie said...

happy new years!!! i am praying that you get some good news soon...

Bezner said...

You know, we're really looking forward to you guys becoming parents. It's going to be GREAT!!!

Bezner said...

Another thing: there is the outside shot that in the next year my church will be coming to Germany on a mission trip. Can you say "Boo-yeah!"? I don't know for sure if or when, but if it does, then you guys will be the first to know.

Bezner said...

One more thing: Are you guys on facebook yet?

Carpenters said...

Happy New Year! What a beautiful prayer for your children! God has definitely prepared you and them for your family. I can't wait to hear news. We're praying for you.

With Love,