Friday, January 25, 2008

Name Poll

**Edited to add: This is SO much fun! Thanks for participating!!**

What should we name the baby? At first we called him Noah, but ultimately decided that we would know when we saw his sweet face and learned his Ethiopian name.

But just for fun, there is a poll set on the right hand side of the page. You have a week to choose one of the names we've listed.

Noah - "rest, comfort"
Jude - "author of epistle of Jude"
Abram - "high father"
Samuel - "name of God" or "God has heard"
Silas - "NT missionary with Paul"
Micah - "OT minor prophet"

Come on! It'll be fun...the more the merrier.

Feel free to leave a comment about your choice or if you have another spectacular name that I haven't included.


Anonymous said...

Don't wait!!! We just knew that as soon as we saw our sweet daughters face her name would come to us and hasn't yet!! Her ET name is not an easy name so we know we will give her another name, we just aren't exactly sure what it is going to be yet! This is really tough!!!
I voted for you!

Chris said...

Marshall and Jill,
Krista and I have been praying for you both, and reading regularly as you wait for your little one. Of course we love the name Noah because that is our three year olds name. God Bless you both - Chris and Krista Powell

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

OOOH!! I love the name Micah! If it weren't my sister in laws name already, that would be our baby's name! And I love all the different templates you have for your blog!

Dale Best said...

My wife, Lindsay, and I chose Silas. We love the name because of the story of Paul and Silas in Acts. We associate the name with joy amidst adversity and the idea of freedom from us, it's the perfect name for giving purpose and meaning to the life of a little boy adopted from Africa. Our prayers are with you on your journey.

Dale and Lindsay

Heather and Stephen said...

I chose Noah because it is my grandfather's name, but I like Micah, too. :)

Rob & Candy said...

Hi Jill,
I love polls! I picked Noah because it "feels" right.. Have fun picking a name.

Susan said...

We love Micah for your little Coen! Hope you find out who he is really soon!!

E said...

I chose Samuel because Eben LOVES reading about Samuel in the Bible. Though David has recently begun to steal some of Samuel's limelight - the story of David & Goliath was a real winner in our household of late. I was up late one night this week creating a sling of all things!

Anyway...I love Silas (though I like Samuel'd have to be okay with Sam though because some people might call him Sam). So Silas is my vote...even though it won't let me vote again. Samuel was my vote for Eben. :) Basically, what I'm saying here is I want two votes so I'm trying to cheat the system.


P.S. Kevin and I have been careful with names we would want our kids to grow into. There's something to a name - clearly, God thinks so.

Anonymous said...

Noah Coen. You had it decided long before, you opened up your blog with it, you have returned to it. Mmmmmhhhhmmm, I voted for Noah! It can always be the middle name too - you might love his birthname and find meaning in keeping that. Thinking of you on this Sunday morning! Big hugs to you both. -sabrina