Sunday, January 27, 2008

God cares about the details

First, let me say thanks for voting on the name poll. It has been so fun to watch the votes come in. Keep 'em coming!

The other day I was praying. It sounds kind of silly, but I prayed very specifically for two things. Praise God, we have everything we need. Cutest baby in the whole world could come home today and we'd just need to run to the store to grab some diapers and bottles. The Lord has provided in abundance. So really we're down to the small stuff. I prayed that we would find a changing table (not a necessity) and a rocking chair so I can rock my baby to sleep.

The other day I went to the Fairkauf. Those of you around us probably know what that is, but others don't. It's best described as like a German Goodwill. It was introduced to me as the Dead Man's Store because a lot of people donate their estates. It is charity and it is fun! I walked in the front door and there were a lot of folks in the entrance so I took a left through the "rooms" they have set up with furniture. A lot of it was familiar, as I'm a regular. I enjoyed walking slowly, touching and keeping my eye open for two specific things. I wound my way through and was walking back toward the entrance. And there she was. A dark, cherry wood finish. A good old fashioned rockin' chair. I couldn't believe it! (Why couldn't you believe it, Jill? You asked Him for it!) I removed the stuffed frog that was occupying it and sat and rocked. And rocked. And rocked until the sales guy approached me because I looked weird and sentimental I guess. I bought that rocker and brought it home for some TLC. The only thing missing is that precious baby, but I have confidence that he will be rocking with me soon.

My point to this story is that our God cares about the details. He knows the number of hairs on our heads and He knew that at month 5 of waiting, I just needed to know He remembered. My friends, He does remember. And I think He likes to show us, if we'll just open our eyes.

Many blessings to you this Sunday. Maybe I'll go rock for a while and think about our babe.


Ashley said...

Hey Jill,
I love your rocker!! I can't begin to tell you how much fun you will have rockin' your little one. Everyone says I'm spoiling ours by holding and rocking him so much! But you can't help it, they are too sweet not to.

Okay, the name poll....can I vote on 3 of them?? :) I can't decide. They are all too sweet to choose!

Love ya!

jammie said...

aaawwww jill...i just love to read and read and read every single entry you put again and again. you give me soooo much strength and u dont even know it ;-) words of comfort...u teach me so much like being patient and just simply to believe&trust in our god.just today i was getting so upset because i am so ready to have our son but he just wont come ;-) we went walking because that supposedly helps(i doubt it, all it did is giving me hip pain)and anyway i rushed in the door here and first thing i did was to check on if u wrote something just FOR ME today(sounds selfish hu?) and u sure did...once again i feel so much are my secret weapon of comfort..thank the way, i love the rocking chair and i voted for noah ;-)

Anonymous said...

Amen! Read that with tears and then read it out loud to my honey and he quietly nodded, "that's n-i-c-e"
Wonderful, wonderful.
It's happening soon. Get in that chair and rock girlfriend, soothes the soul in the waiting.
heart, sabrina
PS. the jump of weeks had me seriously cracking-up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill, It's Shari from the YG-- ya know, Ft. Bragg, Shari :) Anyway, I enjoy checking in your blog when I have ha chance-- and I enjoyed your post today. The rocker is beautiful-- a sweet gift from a Father who knows and is in all the details, right?!
Oh, and I also voted on the name-- funny I picked Silas-- I think it has the least so far! But some how it just seems to flow when I think of the mission of adoption-- Not in the same way people go out on "mission" trips, but the idea of being on a MISSION to bring home "cutest boy..." whom God has specifically chosen for your family-- never giving up, not getting discouraged, keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus... Anyway, just wanted to share :)
Take care, Shari

Bezner said...

The chair rocks. No doubt. I'm ready for a baby to be in that chair, too! You guys are awesome!

Apryl said...

What a sweet rocker! Great find!
apryl :)

Anonymous said...

Marshall and Jill!
We've been hearing glimpses of your lives from parents and Seth and Joy and Steve Bezner, but FINALLY got your blog! We love you so much and are praying for you- keep us posted on your lives!

Emily Greer

Emily said...

and i voted for micah, because it means "gift from God" (at least on the website i checked out!)
love you guys.

Andrea said...

How awesome is that rocker.......especailly with your story. I gift and reminder from our God. I have goose bumps and really enhoyed your heart in this post! I am so praying for you girl.....I really feel you're close. Enjoy rocking!!


Andrea said...

oh, thank you for the Etsy information on my blog. I think I am going to do that! What a cool online market for really unique and handmade up my ally, I love it.