Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Please Pray

There is a family that needs your prayers. A seminary friend let us know about a man named Andrew. He and his wife have a 4 year old son adopted from ET. Andrew was in ET picking up their new 5 month old baby. Yesterday evening his wife and 4 yr old son were in a car wreck. Their son is fine, but his wife was killed. Andrew did not know this as he was literally on the plane, flying home with their new baby.

I don't know this family, but my heart is broken and my stomach hurts. We have a Sovereign God. I just can't sort this out.

Please pray for Andrew and their children. These kids have already lost so much in their lives. I can't imagine what he must be feeling. I was telling Marshall earlier that I know somehow the Lord can be glorified in even this. We just sometimes assume that people who are serving Him with all of their hearts, minds, and souls, will be "ok". And I know I'm thinking in the flesh, as we should be more eternity focused. I can't help but be broken hearted for this family. Please pray.

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Danielle said...

Oh Lord Jesus! Give Andrew and the family strength. I feel sick just like you. There are so many questions but, like you said, God is Sovereign. I just wish He'd "peel back the heavens" and let us in to see the big picture more often.

Hope you're having a blessed weekend, despite the questions. We're still sick, but EVERYONE'S on antibiotic now, so we should be cleared up soon. (oh, one more thing! I loved the skipping three weeks thing! I just learned that's when we can officially start waiting too and I loved that I could already start my "ticker" even though the dossier isn't in ET yet!)