Tuesday, January 29, 2008


OK, this is humbling. My foot started hurting yesterday and sometimes that happens if I wear "cute" shoes instead of "good" shoes for a while. No biggie. But I was awoken at 5 this morning by excruciating pain. Pain so bad it ranks up there with my dry socketed wisdom teeth. Yeah. That kind of unrelenting pain. (Now would be a good time to stop reading and pray for me, if you don't mind.)

I went to the clinic and was diagnosed with gout. Yeah, I thought only "older" people got that. I'm gimpy. I called Marshall and apologized for not believing how much pain he was in several months ago when the same thing happened to him.

I had to cancel my whole day. I meet with some ladies every Tuesday for a discipleship Bible study. I hated to cancel that. And Bible study tonight...I look forward to that and all of my homework was done and I was ready to discuss!! And I cancelled a hair appointment. You KNOW I must be in pain to cancel a root job! Sweet friends have taken care of me all day long. Anya came over to tell me she would walk Sophie the next few days. Jeannette didn't get my message about our discipleship group being cancelled, so she came over and went and got me some bottled water. She came back later with a box of chocolates and a Get Well card signed by the group. Priceless. Lisa came over and got my mind off of the pain. We talked baby stuff. She's lovely. My friend Christy says these are labor pains. I say, bring on the epidural, like NOW.

Thank You Lord for these friends that care so much about me.

I just feel completely fragile right now and helpless, but totally taken care of. Now would be a good time to pray again. :) I'm going to try to nap again now.

I can't believe I have gout. Yuck!


Bezner said...

Welcome to the gout club, Jill! I've got it, too! Joy took me to the emergency room a couple of years back, thinking I had broken my foot. But, nope, it's gout.

I've discovered that Aleve (or naproxen sodium) is the magic drug with gout. Take two or three of those bad boys and you'll feel much, much better in about an hour.

the Steiger's said...

I hope you will feel better soon!!!

jammie said...

well my dear jill i have no idea what gout is but i am sure praying for u...hope u will feel better soon...labor pain thats sweet ;-) i like that!

Rob & Candy said...

ouch, my sister has gout too! Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Gout? I thought that was some historic illness? Ughhh - went and read about it online. Sounds terribly painful I am so sorry. Wouldn't it be terrific to get "the call" right about now to have you dancing around the house in full gout glory? You'd do so, I know it. Glad the gals are taking care of ya. Get well quick!!
Much love,