Friday, December 28, 2007

fourteen weeks waiting

This was our fourteenth week, otherwise know as 3 1/2 months, of waiting for our referral.
I'm still waiting for a response from our agency's (AWAA) Director of Programs. Because of the Christmas holiday, we were to direct questions to her. I'll let you know what I hear.
We are hoping and praying for good news in the beginning of the new year.


shawn and tisha said...

I hope you receive the answers to your questions soon! Thanks for the encouraging comment you left on my blog. I guess we are all in this waiting thing together, I hope yours won't last much longer. Hoping and praying with you for good news in January!
Tisha (awaa yg)

Gibson Family said...

HI Jill, How are you?? I've been behind reading blogs from our YG friends. Hope all is well!!! I know...we're having a hard time right now with the waiting and NO news!! whew!! I just found out that my good friend (w/ a diff. agency) received their referral in less than 5 mo DTE *12/18* and today received their court date for 1/4. WOW!!! It wasn't easy hearing their news, but sooo thrilled for them, too!!! Lets keep digging and asking the tough questions!!
Praying for you!!
Kari (YG)