Friday, December 21, 2007

thirteen weeks waiting

That's 3 months and 1 week. Or how about 91 days. Whichever you prefer is fine with me.
This week did go by quickly. We had our last Bible study day for PWOC. We'll kick back off in January. It was a wonderful first half of the year.
Lots of referrals in blog world this week too. I spent my share of time reading stories of the "call" and rejoicing for these families from other agencies. I wish I could link you to their blogs, but I'm not that saavy....yet. I need to figure that one out. I've seen a lot of blog entries with hyperlinks and cool stuff like that. Give me a break people! I'm doing the best I can here. But I will work on my blog skills.
I'm also following a few families that are in Ethiopia picking up their children as I type. So much fun!!
I've emailed our agency (AWAA) and asked about our wait time. There is a PCS looming and I hope to get a better idea of the time frame we're looking at. Hopefully I'll get an answer and I'll let you know what that is. We said we would not get nervous about our referral until the New Year came without one. And the New Year without a referral is almost here.
Oh, we did find out where we're moving in May. Fort Bragg, North Carolina, here we come! We are both really excited and think it's going be a wonderful adventure in ministry. I've been picking the brains of friends that have lived there. It's hard to get good information about where to live, etc. from a web site. I have a good friend that lives there too, so I can't wait to be reunited...hi Jammie!!
I must get to bed. Thanks for checking in!


Steve & Anna said...

I am excited for you all to go to Fort Bragg! It will be such a journey to trust the Lord with PCS and the whole referral thing. We are praying for the perfect timing for you all and your boys!

Susan & Randy said...

Jill, you should join our online group for military spouses. Several of them lived at Ft. Bragg and you could get info from them. Let me know if you are interested.

Also, if you want to insert a hyper link, type in the word you want to link. Ex: "Everyone check this out" Now go back and highlight the word "this" and go to the top of your post page window and you'll see a green earth looking circle with an infinity symbol on it. Click on that, your word "this" is still highlighted, and a box will pop up for you to put the web address in that you want to go to. Put the address in and then click okay. Now you are hyper linked. So when people read the sentence, "Everyone check this out" the word "this" will be a different color and when people click on it, it will take them to the new website. Does that make sense?

jammie said...

jill, i am so excited you will be living here with me in bragg. i cant wait to see you and marshall again and spend lots of times together. to be honest i was kind of hoping thats where u would get stationed at next ;-) we just moved last weekend in our new house off base and i love it.its beautiful...cant compare it to base :-) so only 5more month and we'll see each other again!!

TedTracie said...

This is my first time to your blog... what type of ministry are you guys in?
We live in East TN... not sure where you are now but hope the move goes well :-)

Nice to "meet" you.

My husband had to show me how to do the hyper link thing... it's pretty easy though. :-)


Heather and Stephen said...

NO! This is what I hate about the military! You will both be much missed.
Still praying for your family!

Rob & Candy said...

Hey Jill,
One of the AWAA families (not active on the YG) is stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. I can contact the wife if you like and see if she'd be willing to give you the skinny on the area.
We live about an hour and half north of Fort Bragg. So, if you need help, let us know. We've lived in NC for a year so we are still exploring... The schmidts (yg) also live in NC!

E said...

I hope you'll get some good, solid answers very soon!

Merry Christmas! Next year you'll be celebrating with your children!