Saturday, December 15, 2007

jingle all the way

We got up early this morning and ran our community's Jingle Bell Jog. It was cold, but had to be done. I ran it the first year we were here, but Marshall was gone. Last year we did it together and this year I convinced him to run ahead of me (he's fast, I'm slow, but he's sweet enough to jog with me) and I ran with my friend Lisa Marie. She is in the picture with me below. Go Lisa Marie!! This was her first 5K and she did GREAT!
That's all for now. :)


Heidi and Kirk Weimer said...

You're such the photogenic runner. You look great! :) I need to be running now, after eating about 15 peanut butter balls today...Y'know, to help the time pass quickly while waiting... :)

Susan & Randy said...

Congratulations on completing your 5K! On my list of "things to do before I die" I have listed, "run and finish a 5K". Its right up there with "be on the Price is Right". :) Oh and I agree, you look wayyyy to good in the picture to have just finished a 5K.

the Steiger's said...

Sounds like fun. I am not a good runner at all. But I love to walk.

Steve & Anna said...

Your pictures made me miss our previous town and yes even the Jingle Bell Jog! :-) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! We are praying for you and your boys!

Anonymous said...

It will happen Jill. Keep enjoying the moments that are happening now in "the waiting" - continue to soak up lots of couplehood and Sophie kisses. I can't wait to pop open your page with the announcement SOON ; ) !!!!!
You are loved and understood. Merry, merry Christmastime to you and Marshall.