Friday, December 14, 2007

twelve weeks waiting

Twelve weeks ago today, our dossier was mailed to Ethiopia. I can't believe that was 3 months ago! In some ways it has slowly inched by and in other ways it has flown by.
Yesterday we received news that four of the five families in the 3 Oct batch of referrals made it through court. Hopefully this means court dates for the 19 Oct referral group and new referrals to come soon.
I put in our tee shirt order last week, so those of you who ordered, they should be here in a few weeks. I'll promptly hand deliver to you or put them in the mail. I heard from the couple that is helping us with the venture and they are in Oklahoma...covered literally in ice. So it may add a week to the production of the tees. It's hard to print shirts with no electricity! Thanks for waiting so patiently!
So...twelve weeks closer to our children. Thanks for checking in!


the Steiger's said...

Hang in there girl. I know this is hard and it seems so long. For some reason I am starting to feel the same way. We have been waiting for the court date for so long and it seems nothing is moving any faster. And I feel bad for you. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and we are all looking forward to some good news in 2008!

E said...

We're keeping you guys in our prayers!!!

I know I've felt pretty down lately, as the wait for our court date feels unending at times! It's funny, I was going to write, "Hang in there," then I came and saw that was the first thing Lenka wrote! So...hang in there? Sounds lame now. Keep fighting the good fight! Better? (Please don't answer that!)

I hope we'll see some good, strong movement this month...and even more in January!

Peace & blessings,