Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, Ya'll!

In pictures! We enjoyed our decorations at home and then took them down on December 19th. We went to TX for the holidays and frankly, I wanted to enjoy them without thinking of some dusty trees and snowmen waiting for me in NC. I came down with a nasty, nasty stomach thing 2 days before we left. Praise the Lord, Marshall was on a half day schedule and helped me sooo much. He took down every stinkin' decoration. And cleaned out the refrigerator because the sight of food made me want to, you know...

We tried to keep it simple this year and keep our focus on Christ. I know Silas doesn't fully understand yet, but I want him to always know what Christmas is about.

We spent Christmas Eve at the candlelight service at our home church and then it was a tissue paper frenzy at the Bohannon house. That's Silas under the tissue paper frenzy.

Collin, Griffin and Ryan showing me their Art For Africa shirts.

Christmas morning at my parents' house. We exchanged gifts and enjoyed watching Silas. Marshall's dream came true and he got a PS3. Happy man. I know the way to my man's heart....electronics. :)

We then moved over to the Coen house.

Silas opened presents...
...and tried to take other grandson's presents....

These are all of the grandchildren (all boys!) on the Coen side. Handsome guys!

Here are all of the grandchildren on the Bohannon side. Surprise! All boys again!!

We hope your Christmas was full of Hope and Joy! We were thankful to spend it with family and friends.

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Anonymous said...

Hot shirts. The boys looks a little less than excited.. hmmm. My computer is a bit busted so I'm way behind on blog checking.

CUTEST photos ever... love it.