Saturday, December 13, 2008

one more Christmas gift idea

Did you enjoy the Mocha Club video below? Even if you never watch videos people post, please watch that one. I think it will speak to your heart. We joined Mocha Club and I just got my "I need Africa more than Africa needs me" t-shirt. Let me just say it's an awesome t-shirt. I would consider myself pretty knowledegable on t-shirts too. Most of my wardrobe has something to do with a t-shirt. :)

On the subject of t-shirts, I have another goody for you. My friend Apryl got me this cool t-shirt. She got it from another adoptive Momma who is raising money for their adoption. This Momma, who shall remain nameless, is not allowed to advertise their adoption in any way, shape or form. The agency this family is working with has very strict rules about this. So, they have no way to get the word out about their stuff. From first hand experience I can tell you that their product is really good. Here are some pictures. Email me if you would like to purchase a shirt or water bottle. These would make great Christmas presents and totally fit the Advent Conspiracy theme.

[The red/white is kidsI have the green's a junior's cut and very stylish. Marshall has the blue short sleeve which is men's or unisex. The long sleeved one in the back is unisex. Water bottle, below, is stainless steel.]
Can I also say that shopping with purpose has been SO fun this year. There are some wonderful products out there that support some wonderful things. Shop on!

One more thing....Silas is sooo fun. His favorite thing to do is "sneak" up behind me, either while I'm standing or sitting on the floor, and "hide" from me. I call out, "Silas! Silas! Where are you?..." He giggles with delight and thinks it's so funny. Every time. He also likes to clap his hands and stayed with a babysitter for the first time this week. Twice. Tis' the Season. Actually it was our sweet neighbor and she was nice enough to come over to our house and spend time with him. He knows her and loves her and it made it so easy. Next I'll ask her to volunteer in the church nursery.

And I'm so proud of Silas' eating. He is eating like a champ. He loves steamed veggies, sweet potatoes, turkey sandwiches, puffs, etc. His bottle to sippy cup transition was seamless. I thought it would be difficult, but he just "got it" and hasn't had a bottle in a week. Thank You, Lord for that mercy!


Kilgo4 said...

cool beans... So you know I want the info to order and help this adopting family. you have my email.. so hit me up girlie!


kristhohl said...

Hi, I am so new to blogging, could you send me info on the shirts and cups, I am interested in getting a couple.

Apryl said...

"Hasn't had a bottle in a week"?!! What?! Do tell, what did you do about bedtime and early am time? 'Cause my stinker still needs his bottle before bed. I wonder if I just gave him a sippy...

Share the secret :)

Aaron and Tammy said...

Email me at with ordering info on a shirt & water bottle (for my birthday from my hubby...):-). Tammy