Monday, December 1, 2008

gobble gobble!

We had a blessed Thanksgiving together....3 years is a long time to be away, especially during the holidays.
Sophie and Billy watched through the window as Marshall and Dad put up our fence.

Gaga, Katy, Silas and I went to the Airborne & Special Forces museum in downtown Fayetteville. It's a really good one, so if you're ever in town, I'd recommend it.

We met some friendly soldiers...
PaPa shelled lots of pecans from their trees so Gaga could make pecan pies. Yumm-E!
Silas supervised...

I feel much better now that I've finally caught up with the blog. All of these bloggable moments just weigh on my shoulders until I can get them up. :) Thanks for bearing with me!


K.P. said...

Looks like a good day(s). Silas's hair looks great. What's the secret?? I think we may be in an 'awkward' phase with Levi's. I don't know if I missed the point when I should have cut it, or if it is just getting fun. :) We'll see. Advice???


Jen said...

OH - nice shirt Jill. Santa may just be sending a men's one over this week! :)
PS - LOVE the name Silas.